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Sunday, January 24, 2016

SUNYAC playoff push!

Hello blog world Frankie Hart here again!

I would like to welcome everyone back for the spring semester. My schedule/ courses are looking great so far and I am very thankful to not have mentally strenuous classes like philosophy! The one class I am very excited to take is health and wellness. This class starts out with testing that gives the class an idea of what what kind of shape they are in. Then we get to design a workout plan and at the end of the semester we do the testing again to see our progress. I am also taking sport psychology which touches on the mental aspect of sports and how to be mentally strong against aspects that aren't about physical skill. 

On a hockey note we are on our back end of the season and it's time for a SUNYAC playoff push! The majority of our remaining games are at home so we appreciate all the support we get. I have no doubt the family we have of hockey players in our dressing room can pull together to achieve what our team deserves! 

Until next time, 
Frankie Hart #8

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