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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Back here on the White, Snowy, Fredonia campus......

The view from our dorm room.
Hey Fredonia Blue Devil Fans,  
Its #10 checking in again, Dan Mainello.

First off just want to wish all the fans out there a
Happy New Year. The team and I were lucky
enough to get two weeks off. All the boys were
able to make it home to relax with friends and
family. The long break is finally over though and
we are all back here on the White Snowy
Fredonia campus.

We started the second half of the season on
New Years Day with a long day of skating to get
our legs back. You can tell by everyone's
attitude on the ice that everyone is excited to be
back here and getting in the swing of things. I’m
excited for this second half to get started so the
boys can start rolling again.

#10 Daniel Mainello

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