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Saturday, January 23, 2016

DFT Community Skate

Hello all its Marcus Ortiz here again on the blog. It has been a day of rest and relaxation for the boys as we partook in our DFT Community holiday skate. The smell of hot chocolate and Timbits fill the arena and not one person didn't have an ear to ear smile on their faces as we race around the ice with kids, intermingling with parents, and sharing valuable moments that render a further appreciation for what amazing community support we receive.

When the ice cleared and the little hockey players of the community came on to scrimmage with us it turned into an old school game of pond hockey where the big boys in blue mess around and play funny little pranks on the little ones and occasionally drop the gloves all in good fun with the kids. 

Today was absolutely the perfect reminder that believe it or not the littlest things can make a person's day and we are all role models to someone.
Till next time folks!

Marcus Ortiz #28

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