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Friday, January 15, 2016

Dad's Weekend in Fredonia..........

A little different for this blog as after two games mid week its Friday and I was full ready to call it Sunday's blog.  Being Friday we now have 7 days to prepare for the final push of the season and Buff State coming to Steele Hall.  As a few other players have mentioned we had Fathers Weekend a week ago and after having the Flagler's graciously invite me into their home to join them for Christmas,  it was fun to welcome Mr. Flagler to our home here in Fredonia, I can't say that I was as good of a host as them but maybe one day I can be as good as them. Also having the Dads and a Mom or two come down is a good experience for everyone, its fun to say hi and chat with the parents that have come down before and meeting the new parents is always a great experience.  There is always a lot of life lessons, tips, tricks and other tidbits that the parents offer us, and is always greatly appreciated.
It has definitely felt like the quickest J-Term of my career here at Fredonia with school now being days away from starting up again, which means a weekend, well most likely Sunday will be spend quickly going over class schedules, picking up binders, notebook and pencils for the upcoming semester.  It truly has flown by as this is my last semester in Fredonia, I have had a lot of great times here, and I hope to make this the best one yet.

Taylor Bourne #29

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