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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Team Damo doubles up on Team Young in Kickball.......

Well early this Tuesday morning the seasons decided that winter wasn't over yet and it is snowing once again here in Fredonia.  I'm a little disappointed as the high in Calgary today is 17 degrees (63 Fahrenheit).
Although the weather isn't working out in our favor here I was able to get in a couple rounds of golf in South Carolina with Wilky and Young over Spring Break so maybe the memories of warmer weather can get me through this cold spell. 
With less than 2 months remaining in the semester all the boys are working hard in their classes and hard in the gym, so its not unusual to run into someone on the team either in the library or getting in a lift.  With all of us working hard we are making sure to let off a little steam and have some fun, we decided to get together yesterday and play a quick game of kick ball.  The game started with a scoreless first, but it quickly turned around with Team Damo doubling up on Team Young  8-4, unfortunately I came out on the losing end. 
With advising week this week I need to pick out my classes for next semester.
Until next time 

Taylor Bourne #29

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