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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Wilky has grinding week upon return from Break..........

Hey there folks!

Just checking in for another addition of the blog.

Not too much going on, on this wonderful Sunday in the village of Fredonia. But I'm definitely not complaining, the sun is out and it's finally starting to warm up, I think. We just finished our first week back after Spring Break and it was a very hectic and busy one. I had to take 3 exams, 2 quizzes, and write 1 paper, so I am very content with just relaxing on the couch today.

Over the past few days the boys have been getting together to watch the NCAA Div. I Hockey Tournament. This is some of the best hockey that is played all year at any level.  It's fast, skilled and always exciting to watch. All of us also have friends playing in the tournament so it's pretty cool to get to watch them on the national stage.

Well that's all for me today, until next time! Ryan Wilkinson #25

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