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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The cold has broken..............

Hi there Fredonia fans!!

Well, the clocks have turned, the cold has broken, and hopefully we are on our way into spring finally after a long cold winter!!

The season has ended since the last time I posted. It was a great freshmen year for myself getting a lot of experience on and off the ice. I just want to thank the seniors for being along my side the entire way through. I want to congratulate them on a four year career and good luck in all their future endeavors!!

This week is our last week of classes before spring break. It is going to be a much needed break from class for a lot of the boys. Guys are going all over the place for the week. Myself though, I will be heading to Myrtle Beach for a few days of sun and golf with Wilky and Bourney. It would be a fun few days of sun and lost golf balls!!

Well fans, as always, thanks for reading and enjoy the spring like weather now were finally out of the freezing temps.

- Jamie Young #3

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