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Monday, September 30, 2013

huge day in Telly's Law class........

Sitting here after a long day of school and homework.  I'm watching Breaking Bad series finale, again. Hands down the best show I've ever seen, never missed an episode and each one kept me intrigued. But that being said, I watch this finale again for two reason: one I don't want it to be over, and two I'm trying to convince myself that it was a good last episode. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but I was somewhat disappointed in how predictable the very end was. But I must say Walt is something else.  Stone cold. On a training note, I went for a run today and couldn't have asked for a better day. Not too ho,t a bit of light rain to keep the body cool during a few miles of asphalt under the feet getting covered. The grape smell around the vineyards was amazing, brought me back to the old days of Welch's grape juice. All in all another good day at Fred, looking forward to hockey each day, gotta run.... huge day tomorrow in Telly's Law class. Wish me luck!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

"excited to get the season started"

Had another good weekend with the guys. Although nothing overly exciting happened it was a successful one. Spent half my days in the library preparing for my law exam coming up on Tuesday while balancing a light spin on the bike in the gym. Everyone seems excited to get the season started, with a big freshman class the upperclassmen are interested in the opportunity to see what they have to bring to the team. With a lot of new guys coming it it's exciting to wonder what chemistry could form with a new teammate. Time to head off and prepare for a long Monday. Stay tunes for some more eventful writings and pictures this week.

#23 Doust

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Home for the weekend..........

Hey guys Ian checking in with another edition to the blog. Rounding out another week with a busy day consisting of a Chemistry exam and continuing to prepare for the season. I'm currently blogging on location as I'm heading home to Hershey, PA for the weekend. One thing that's unique about our team this year is that we have guys from all over the place, an example would be Erik Moberg coming all the way from Sweden. It's always great to talk with the boys about each of our hometowns because it helps give everyone a better understanding of where we're coming from, but one of the coolest things is finding mutual connections from the hockey community. Hope everyone has a good weekend.


Friday, September 27, 2013

End of the week............

Coming down to my final few posts here on the blog, this week has just been flying by. Once again I'm back here in the library, but this time I'm with Blue Devil assistant captain and power forward Andrew Christ studying for our chemistry exam tomorrow. I've seen a few of the other guys in here tonight, in particular Tyler Palmerton is working on some engineering homework with some friends from class at the table next to me. There has also been a Dekey Gunovski, Hunter Long, and Alex Perkins sighting by the cubbies. With all of the studying that's taken place this week, I'm looking forward to the weekend. It's been a pretty busy week for me, with two big exams and a few assignments mixed in with getting in game-shape for the season which is only a few weeks away.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

"the week is flying by"...........

Day 5 on the blog here, the week is flying by as we're coming up on Thursday already. Another day here in Fredonia filled with classes, hanging with the fellas and working out in preparation for the upcoming season. This morning I received a solid grade on my Physiology exam which I had on Monday which was a great way to start off the day. Between classes today I was able to catch up with former Blue Devil Robert "Chalky" Michalka. It's always nice to keep in touch with the fellas once they go their separate ways, but he seems to be doing well out in Michigan working while training for his first marathon. I've also already made plans for this upcoming weekend, I'll be heading home to Hershey, PA to spend some time with the family and attend an engagement party for close family friends.
Here's a pic of my set up in the library tonight getting ready for my chemistry exam Friday

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fun facts .................

Hey everybody. The Bergler checking back in for the 4th edition of the blog. Pretty solid day here today, had a nice workout with the boys and my three classes flew by pretty quick and got out of each without any homework or assignments due in the upcoming weeks. Nothing new to really report about at the moment, so here's a few fun facts about myself which you might not have know before..

Favorite Meal: anything my Dad makes on the grill
Favorite Drink: iced tea
Favorite Dessert: chocolate
Favorite snack: chocolate
Favorite Hockey Player: Bobby Orr
Favorite Hockey Team: Philadelphia Flyers
Favorite Actor: Nicolas Cage/ Tom Hanks
Dream Girl: Rihanna
Brunette, Blonde, or Redhead: all of the above
Favorite Superheros: Batman
Favorite Villains: Bane
Favorite Season: Summer
Hobbies:  Golfing, anything outdoors, hanging with the fellas
Favorite Movies: The Terminator series, any WW2 movie, Godfather series
TV show: Breaking Bad, history channel, food network, travel channel
Best Subject in School: History
Other facts: Scored a hole-in-one on 8/20/2000
Hope everybody's having a good week,

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"chipping away at some assignments"

Berger here with my third installment of this week's blog.  At the moment I'm hanging out with Cory Melkert #2 and and Chad Bennett #14 in the computer lab. I'm chipping away at some assignments that will be due later this week so I'm just trying to get a head start on a few things. I think some of the guys will be getting together to check out tonight's MNF game between the Raiders and Broncos. Melky and Chad have a pretty sweet set-up with big screen plasma TV so I'll most likely be heading over there once I've finished up a few assignments here in the computer lab with the fellas. Even though my team isn't playing tonight (Philadelphia) I'll be cheering for the Raiders tonight. Even though they haven't been doing well in the past few seasons, I'm a fan of how they're the "bad boys" of the NFL. I guess its because I'm a big Flyers fan, and we all know the reputation that the Broad Street Bullies have. Have a good one everybody.   Here's a pic of Chad Bennett grinding away. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sabres and Leafs mayhem....should make for a great season of retribution

Hey guys, second day on the blog here. Beautiful day here in Fredonia, which means good running conditions for the two mile which everyone on the team has been preparing for. Earlier today I had a pretty tough physiology exam which I studied a lot for, hopefully it pays off!
Aside from school, I caught a glimpse of the mayhem which occurred last night in the Sabres - Leafs preseason game. I'm sure that's the talk of the hockey community today, and there's nothing better than teammates sticking up for each other. Kinda reminded me of Jungle B hockey.  Besides Kaleta, I think John Scott has asserted himself as the biggest (no pun intended) rat in the National Hockey League for how he went after Kessel, a guy who is obviously mismatched against one of the heavyweights in the NHL. Looking forward to seeing what will happen when Colton Orr is back in the Leafs lineup. That's my two cents for today, hope everybody has a solid week.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

"Tour de Chocolate"

Hey everybody, "Berger" here for my first blog post. The first few weeks here at Fred are going pretty quick... I was just talking the other day to my roommates Dekey and Palmy about how quick this past month has gone by. Besides classes, working out and hanging out with the fellas there's not too much to report about here in Fredonia so I'll fill everybody in on what I was up to this past summer.

Once finals ended in early May I had to rush home and prepare for the "Tour de Chocolate" which is a cycling tour around Hershey and the surrounding area. I had been training since the end of the hockey season for it, and its something I'll be competing in annually for now on. Besides the tour, I worked full-time at a local golf course while having an internship at a local physical therapy clinic. After that, it was straight to the gym, followed by relaxing out by my pool... It was a busy summer to say the least. That's all for now though, gotta go meet up with some of the guys and head to Cranny.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sabres...Leafs tilt

Palmy here for my final blow of the week. Today is the day! I enjoyed a nice pregame meal with Deeky at the Panera on Elmwood before the Sabres Leafs game. Can't wait for the puck to drop to see what both teams have to offer this season. Fingers crossed for a big Sabres win and then a huge win by the bills sunday afternoon! Get the city of Buffalo fired up about their sports teams! However I am a little concerned just because there is so many leafs fans here

Palmy #30

Friday, September 20, 2013

Another day down.......

Another day down, Another one started. Im sitting in the McEwen comp lab working on a little homework trying to subside the feeling you get on Fridays when you just want to be home relaxing. Its a difficult process to sit in the lab and do work when there is nobody in the comp lab. Usually it is difficult to find a computer to use, however as you can see in the photo, I am one of few people actually here. The only thing keeping me going is that I get to watch the sabres play tomorrow. Deeky and I actually have a small wager on the game so hopefully the sabres can pull off another big w at home, or else ill be hearing about how good the leafs are until they play each other again. Either way it should be a good time.

back at the blog tomorrow.

Palmy #30

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Palmy looking toward the future.........

Well if you couldn't guess, Palmy here for another blog.

The other night I was chatting with a couple good buddies and old teammates, Rob Michalka and John O'Connor. A quick update on what some of the hockey alumni are up to: OC is, unfortunately for him, back for one more semester. Luckily he has settled down, has a place for himself, and has just a marvelous girlfriend. Never in my college career did I think the guy would find love here in Fredonia, but he managed to do it. As for 'Chalky', he is back in his hometown, joined the real world and has himself a full time job. For fun he is coaching a Bantam hockey squad which he tells me is going well.

It's nice to be able to catch up with the boys and see what they've got going on now that their hockey careers have ended. Its always nice to reminisce in old memories you share with your buds. To look back at the laughs and fun you use to have. Such as my freshman year, we were hanging out at one of the boys houses, and we were wearing bright Kool-Aid shirts. Just a funny little memory that we had. 
I've realized the majority of my blog entries have all been about the past, the previous years of my experience at school. Although it is always nice to look back on old memories, it is just as important to look ahead and think about the moments you'll encounter in the future. For instance, while working over the summer I realized how the "real world" may not be all that scary or boring as it is made out to be. Its actually quite thrilling! The things you get to experience, the new groups of friends and co-workers you meet. All of these things are something I am looking forward to once my college career ends and takes me to this "real world".  
The future holds so many opportunities to become something you never thought you could. The future is exactly what you make it out to be. One thing I always need to remind myself is that the only person truly affecting how the future unfolds is yourself. For example, I may not be classified as the smartest of students, however I can change that. I hold that power to change what the present and past has me labeled as, and for that reason I cannot wait for the rest of my life to unfold. Whether it be my hockey career, working career, or even my personal life, I'm excited for what my future holds.

Palmy #30

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Get your snorkels ready.............

Palmy here back on the blog. Today has been a pretty relaxing day so far as I don't have classes during the daytime Tuesday, Thursday. Usually I spend my time in the lib after great workouts led by one of our fearless leaders Ryan Edens. However today I decided to go out and pick up some gear. Declan Gunovski also decided to do the same. A simple pair of swimming goggles to wear during the swim portion. As you can see in the picture he is already excited for the future battle.

In regards to hockey, things are going well. The boys are fired up for the start of the season, and October 15th cannot come soon enough. I'm excited for what the future season holds and I can't wait to be a part of something great. As for now this post is ending a bit short. 

Until next time

Palmy #30

Monday, September 16, 2013

Palmy looks back while looking ahead...

Palmy here back on the blog for the last time in my college career. Oh how the time has flown by! It seems like only yesterday that I was coming to school for the first time as a true freshman, pondering what is to come in the next four years of my life.

Its almost like deja vu, because while i sit in the Student Athlete Lounge, some of the freshman are sitting where I was, my freshman year, for study hall. It's sad that my time here is winding down, however I can gladly say that these years have been the best time and experience in my life. I've made so many close friends, had the chance to play and become buddies with a bunch of good teammates, and strive to become a more mature and better person.

Some things that I'm looking forward to this upcoming season is we recently have a new goalie coach. He's here to help all the tenders improve their game and strive to work hard on and off the ice. He'll be able to take video to watch when we did something right or where when something went wrong, how to go about fixing those mistakes. With two new freshman tenders coming in this school year the starting position is any ones game. I'm excited to improve my battle level on the ice, not only to try to claim the number one spot but to encourage the other two tenders to do the same. With them being freshman they look up to the older guys, me included. My goal is to have them want to compete, want to improve their game, want to be the number one guy as well. As you might be able to tell, I'm excited for the new school year, for the new season and I cant wait to get it started. October 15th cant come soon enough. 

Until tomorrow,

Palmy #30

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Reconnecting with Hehrsy from the comfy couch....

Today has been a great, relaxing Saturday. To be brutally honest, I have not moved from the couch today. Quite lazy... Now all the boys are over at Mr. Doust and Castriota's house watching the Alabama vs Texas A&M game. Myself and Tyler Matecki just Face Timed with our good buddy/old teammate and new assistant coach to the Canton Kangaroos, Mat Hehr. Great to see a familiar face, he'll be a great Assistant NCAA coach! He seems to show a lot of promise.

Christer #19

Friday, September 13, 2013

Hair do Friday............

I am now finally finished with all of my medical paperwork to start the hockey season October 15. I had my physical this morning at 9 a.m. and was told that I'm as healthy as an Ox! After that I followed it up with a nice breakfast omelette at Cranston with my workout buddy Garrett Moore, followed by going to my three classes... From there myself and the captain of the Fredonia State Blue Devils, Alex Perkins, got our hair cut at East End Salon. 

                                                   Here's a shot of the new dos!

Christer #19

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Christer and Shep grinding Physics and then takin' in Activities Night....

Good afternoon to all! I'm just coming off a great workout. Having a good workout just sets the tone for the rest of the day...... So last night me and Sheppard  had Physics lab until 9:00 PM, as we left we went and stopped over at Activities Night. It was pretty wild to see how many students went to sign up. It's great to see everyone with such school spirit, it makes the campus a friendly community. Here's a little evidence to  prove the spirit.
Christer #19

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Christer's Fun Fact of the Day......

I had a great little Wednesday morning to my self. Before class I walked over to the local Kangaroo Cafe and enjoyed a black Americano coffee and a delicious breakfast burrito named the "Health Nut". So if you ever stop by this fine breakfast establishment I definitely recommend that burrito. It was nice to enjoy the beautiful morning by myself, I was able to collect my thoughts and have a little "ME" time. It was well deserved. On top of that I was sitting in my Human Biology class with my teammate Kurt, which I was able to snap a great shot of him taking in the lecture... Here is a fun fact of the day that Professor Dolan gave to us today, "Exercising for 2 1/2 hours a week will help decrease your risk of having Dementia by 60%. I found this to be quite interesting.
Christer #19

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

90 degrees out but hockey season just around the corner.....

I guess I spoke a little to soon, when I mentioned that were finally getting some cool weather. When th date! We are all prepping for that first huge game against Oswego!  Today we reached 90 degrees with what feels like 100 percent humidity! This Hot weather is a real buzz kill when you have to walk to school due to your car is in the shop. Especially when you know that it is not going to be a cheap bill! On a good note, myself and my good buddy Garret Moore had a great workout today, that kid really knows how to push the weights around in the gym.  Its good to see everyone looking forward to that October 15

Christer #19

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sounds like Christer is going to be burning the midnight oil tonight......

For the first time since we have been back at school we actually had a chilly morning, which was quite a relief. It was nice sitting through my three classes not having to worry about wiping the sweat from my face. This cool weather actually made my first day of advanced conditioning class much more enjoyable. On top of that my knee post surgery felt great. With that it makes me that much more excited to start my senior year of hockey with a new healthy knee. Once again I'll be in the library for the majority of the night performing the great studies of physics. My specialty, or not. Have a great night to all.
Christer #19

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A busy Sunday in the Library......

An end to a great weekend has come. Yesterday all the boys were fortunate enough to be able to go around the community and help the elderly with any chores that they would not be able to accomplish on their own. Taylor Bourne and myself got the chance to help the sweetest lady clean out and re-arrange her garage for her and also clean up some of her shrubs for her. Now today I will be in the library for the majority of the day finishing up some Chemistry and Physics homework that is due tonight by midnight. So Berger and myself are going to be battling Chem for quite sometime today.

#19 Andrew Christ

Saturday, September 7, 2013

"an awesome day" with Phyllis...........

Had an awesome day today at our annual senior citizen work day. Declan, Chris, Darren, and myself had a great day meeting Phillis Knight, a wonderful lady from Dunkirk who needed some wood chopped and a few other small chores. A small price to pay to get  a chance to chat with such a nice woman. It's also the annual Red, White, and Blues fest in Fredonia, which attracts a very diverse strain of human beings to the downtown corridor. Had a chance to walk through there this afternoon and enjoy some of the festivities. Well it's been a great finish to even better week folks, I hope you enjoyed my posts.

#11 Alex Perkins

A great day in the community

Fredonia State Hockey Senior Work Day

The college hockey team was out in force in the community on Saturday, September 7 assisting  seniors with odd jobs around their homes.  In all, the Blue Devil icers went to a dozen different homeowners in the area and performed various jobs.  Included were, painting, yard work, washing windows, cleaning garages and digging holes for tree planting.  They even cut a lawn using an old fashioned push lawn mower.

L to R: Team Captain, Alex Perkins, Chris Eiserman, Phyllis Knight, Darrin Trebes and Declan Gunovski

Friday, September 6, 2013

Dinner with the boys at the Grille

Little bit chilly this morning, actually kind of enjoyed being able to wear jeans and a hoodie to school. Turned out to be a huge mistake as the weather really turned the corner later in the day. That's ok, I'll be singing a different tune in December I'm sure. Had a lovely dinner tonight with a real solid crew of men at the Wing City Grillle. Never really understood that 'e' there at the end, but heck there's a lot I don't understand. All the best followers. Here's the boys outside the Grille.

Tomorrow is Senior Work Day

Tomorrow is the day that the hockey team goes out in the community and performs odd jobs for local senior citizens.  We have a long list of those that we are working for and some of the jobs include painting, yard work, washing windows and trimming bushes.  Check out some pictures from our previous years and tomorrow we will post some new ones.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Busy day for Perks

Got a little bit of an early morning workout in today; walked to school, had an exhilarating International Trade and Finance class.....what a rush. Then I walked back to M and T Bank, and then all the way back to school. Not my idea of a good time, but got some errands done. Tonight the boys had a great presentation on managing finance which was  pretty cool. Now just sitting on the couch watching some TV with Teck #22. Here's a couple of beautys, Corey Melkert and Stevie Capistrana chippin' away in the computer lab.

#11 Alex Perkins

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A good start to a great day.........

Standout, sophomore D man, Ryan Wilkinson in the library.
I had a very productive morning with two of my sophomore buddies, Mitch Kaufmann and John DeFeo. We booked our physicals and then had some lunch at Cranston Marche'. All in all a great start to the day. I also ran into standout sophomore D man, Ryan Wilkinson in the library just being the great student that he is (figure 1). Have a great day blog world.
Alex Perkins, #11

Monday, September 2, 2013

Big announcement coming...........

In the next few days, there will be a major announcement coming.  I thought this picture might provide a clue to what is coming.............

Coach Meredith

Gloomy in Fredonia but sunny in St. Albert

Gloomy day in Fredonia, NY, today. A good day to relax and catch up on some school work. Last night I went on a lovely date with my good pal Andrew Christ. We went to the Cold Stone in Dunkirk and I created a world class concoction, it was terrific. On a little more disappointing note, back at home in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada, one of my best friends who was a member of the Stanley Cup winning Chicago Blackhawks got his day with the cup and unfortunately I wasn't able to be there. None the less, I'm a very proud friend and I could not be happier for him and his family. I hope all my loyal followers have a great Labor Day.
Here's a picture of all my buds from home at our slo pitch game with the Holy Grail.

#11 Al Perkins

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The nicest mansion in all of Fredonia..............

Great first week of school, just getting back into the swing of things and adjusting to a new schedule. Everyone seems to be coming together, and all the freshman are starting to feel comfortable which is good to see and an important step. It's been a pretty quiet day around 44 Center Street. Andrew Christer and myself have been logging some hours on the couch while Tyler Matecki has been marinating in front of his fan in his room. Had a couple visitors (Mitch Kauffman and Ryan Edens) earlier today, but I think they were heading to Sunset Bay for one last shot at the beach. Just going to enjoy these couple days off today and tomorrow and then get after it again on Tuesday.
#11 Al Perkins 

Here's picture of our mansion in one of the nicest area's in all of Fredonia. Won't be straying to far from here the next couple days.