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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The boys were up bright and early today.......

Hey everybody,

Hope you all had a good summer!

The boys were up bright and early today, just as the sun was about to rise we put on our running shoes and went to work. After a good Indian run followed by some lightning fast sprints, Frankie led us through a nice stretch and we could finally see the sun peeking over the trees as we went back in to the locker room to get ready for the rest of the day. 

Classes await and we are all getting used to being back in school whether it has been a couple of months or years (Freshmen). Right now I'm sitting in the library cranking out some homework for my Managerial Finance class. Being a junior now I'm a bit more excited going in to a new class since it usually means I get to learn something within my major rather than philosophy or music. 

Well I better get back to work, see you soon!

/Oskar Gerhardson #9

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