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Friday, August 26, 2016

I think we have a great group coming in........


Good morning everyone, this is senior forward Mackenzie McAvoy tuning into the blog today. First off I would like to mention I had a great summer, as it went by way too fast, however I was able to do a lot of traveling. I went out to the Calgary Stampede to visit alumni from our team last year. I had a great time out there checking out the scenery and also a couple rodeo’s and chuck wagon races. It is something everyone should definitely consider to go see. The second place I went to was just north of Atlanta, in which I stayed at a cottage on a lake for a week, in which is was definitely hot there, and now I know why the call it “Hotlanta”.

On another note, it feels great to be back and see all the boys again, in which some we have not seen for a long time, and also getting to meet all the new freshmen coming in. Usually I am known for giving people some nicknames so I’m going to have to work on giving them all one, in which I have a few in mind, in which our readers might see in the near future.

As I reflect on my summer being over, I look forward to a new opportunity with new teammates to have a very successful year coming up. I think we have a great group coming in and as well coming back.

I remember sitting in coach’s office first week in my freshmen year, and hear him tell me that it goes by fast, and he sure hit the hammer on the nail when he said that. I cannot believe it’s already my last year, and how fast it really does go by. The next thing I want to share with the blog is a quote I read, in which anyone can use in life, or sports, or anything related to trying to be successful. It has inspired me to become all that I can be in life, and for my coach’s and teammates. I like it because it short and simple, but yet so true.

"Opportunities don't happen. You create them." Chris Grosser

Until next time,

Mackenzie McAvoy#27

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