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Monday, August 22, 2016

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there hockey fans.....

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there hockey fans,

Hunter Long signing in for his last, first day of blogs and school for that matter. It's nice to have all the boys back in town. We are with each other everyday during the school year, so sometimes we all need a break from one another, but this family here is a tight, tight group so the summer break couldn’t end fast enough. It was nice to finally meet the freshman, they seem like great guys and we think they will fit in well here. We have a great and positive group of upper class men that I think going forward will be a huge asset to our success this season. Everyone is on the same page, and we are all organized, and as upper class men and we believe that will have a trickle affect to the sophomore and freshman class. Excited for what the season has to offer, but there a couple things on the list that we as a team have to conquer first before we take on Utica at home. 

Busy first day for me so I'm out of here. “Everyone take care and comb your hair.” – Jeff Flagler

Hunts #26

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