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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Kickball and early mornings.....

Good afternoon everyone,
   Senior, forward, Marcus Ortiz here again on this segment of the Fredonia Hockey blog. Today was the second official day of classes and after 3 classes back-to-back-to-back I was relieved to be able to go for a nice little run through the vineyards and then join the team for a nice competitive game of kickball. As we relive our childhood outdoors playing a friendly game, it is always a solid reminder of why we chose the athletic career path we chose (especially Boggy). 
  After that we ventured over to watch a small amount of the women's soccer game against Mercyhurst. after cheering the girls on we returned back to our houses/dorms to start on our homework for the night so that we can get to bed before our 6 a.m. team workout coming up tomorrow morning!!! Well there is more to come soon, but for now I'm signing out, Hope to see you all when the season starts!!
Marcus Ortiz #28
Fredonia Hockey

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