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Friday, January 27, 2017

"the sand is coming out of the hour glass"

Hello everyone this is senior forward Mackenzie McAvoy tuning into the blog. Hope everyone had a great weekend. For my blog I just want to reflect on how fast my 4 years at fredinia has gone by. 4 years seems like a long time when you first come in, but now with only 6 regular season games left and us pushing for a playoff spot, it really sinks in how fast it goes by. I had a question the other day about how does it feel to be almost done my hockey career, and I haven't thought much about it because I try to make every day count because like I have been told before the sand is coming out of the hour glass, and it's a reality check that's for sure. So for everyone reading this, whatever you do in life make sure you always give 100 everyday and do the best and be the best you can everyday.  Just a little something I have picked up my entire life and also with the season winding down into our last games. However the exciting part starts for us as we have a huge playoff push and that's what we are preparing for!
Until next time
Mackenzie McAvoy #27

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