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Friday, March 11, 2016

Pray that we get star varsity player Ian Helps on our IM Hoop team.....

Hey Blue Devil fans, Ben Casale here checking in for another blog.

If you didn't know already a lot of the boys from the team are playing in an intramural basketball
league here at Fredonia. Right now we're 1 and 4 but I feel like our real potential has yet to be
seen. We are one more piece away from making a run for the championship.

As long as we get star varsity player Ian Helps on our team for the remainder of the season I don’t see
why our team can't string together wins, especially with head coach Nick Harper leading us to
victory. What we lack in talent we make up with our heart.

Anyways the boys get a nice break this weekend from games and we should be well rested. Wish us luck for our next game, and also pray Ian will play with us.

Yours truly #19 Ben Casale

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