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Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Hello everyone this is junior forward Mackenzie McAvoy tuning into today's blog.

Its been very busy week so far since we just got back from spring break. I have so many test, presentations, and also homework that I have due this week in which I'll be spending most of my time in the library. That being said Spring Break for myself was such a fun time and a well deserved break from hard work, and also to get away form this cold weather.

For my spring break I went to California and stayed with Luke Rivera's family for the week. Luke is a freshmen, forward here at Fredonia. We had such a great time out in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Palm Springs. We also went down to Huntington Beach which is Surf City, USA. I must say it would be awesome to live out there on a daily basis, since you have warmth and sunshine almost everyday.

I just want to say thank you to Luke's entire family and friends for such a great experience and also hospitality, I appreciate it more than you know. Also thank you for showing me a great time and experience I will never forget and lastly, thank you for showing me where I'm going to live when I'm older.

The picture down below here is the boys at Huntington Beach, which we got to see a couple people surf, and also walk around and spent the afternoon there and had a great time.

Till next time,

Mackenzie McAvoy #27

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