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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

We are a FRED family

Hey there, hi there, ho there hockey fans. 

Hunter Long signing in with the newest blog. Well, it hasn't really hit me yet that the season is over. I am humbled to say that I played with a great group of guys my senior year and wouldn't have it any other way. After the final buzzer hit, I sat in the locker room looking around at everyone in disbelief that it was over. There were different emotions that were lingering in the room. The first thing I thought about was the first time I ever laced up the old Bauer skates that were from play it again sports. It was in Lexington Kentucky, and I was just learning how to skate. I thought about those uncomfortable skates and the sweatpants I wore over my used, over sized shin pads that looked like goalie pads on me at the time. I didn't get emotional like my other teammates did in that locker room. I still don't know why, but I think I was so proud of everyone in that locker room and I was at peace with myself because I knew I didn't have any regrets for the time that I spent here in fredonia playing hockey. I knew whatever I did, whether is was on ice or after a Saturday night game, I did everything at 100%. I want to take this time to thank my teammates and more importantly my folks back home for supporting. 22 years of my career they have been there for me and I am very blessed. Every night during the national anthem I always prayed and thanked the big man for letting me have the opportunity to stand on the blue line for another game and to lead a team full of great guys that made it easier on me as a captain to do what I did. Fredonia has always been a big brotherhood and family, but this year we took that meaning to the next level. I am thankful for my time here and I'm looking forward to what the future brings. 

We are a FRED family, and family is a strong bond that can never be broke no matter what. 

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