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Sunday, February 26, 2017

The best thing about Fredonia is that is had such a great family feel to it ....


Hello everyone it's senior Mac McAvoy tuning into today's fredonia men's ice hockey blog. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend as Friday was beautiful out and almost 80 degrees and it's not even march yet! 
I must say it's a little weird not playing hockey on the weekends as our season ended Wednesday with a loss to Buffalo State in the playoffs. Another thing to add to that it's very weird that this was my last year and there is no more next year for me. I think that's biggest reality that is starting to set in and hit me hard. We worked so hard this year and had a great hard working team and I'm proud of every guy in that room for making this year a successful one and to leave the program on a high note for them to take over and keep moving forward.
I just want to thank the coaching staff for a tremendous 4 years I had here and giving me the opportunity to play and be a part of a great family and culture! Also to all the teammates and friends I play with over the 4 years in which on consider them brothers to me. The best thing about Fredonia is that is had such a great family feel to it and there's no other place I would like to end my hockey career!
The last thing I want to add to my blog is that I want to mention that not only have I grown as a hockey player over the past 4 years, but I have grown as person to where I am more mature than I was when I came in and I can't thank Fredonia enough for that.
Hope everyone enjoys the weekend and hope the warm weather and sunshine are around the corner!
Yours in hockey,
Mackenzie McAvoy#27

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