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Thursday, February 23, 2017

"I begin to pursue my lifelong dream of playing professional hockey"

Hello all,

Fredonia Senior, forward, Marcus Ortiz checking in for this edition of the Fredonia hockey blog spot. Well this will be my last blog and as we look back on this Thursday it was a day filled with reflection on the season and last night's playoff loss. It really stunk to sit in my stall in the locker room today and look around and think about the memories from my last 4 years here. So many great things are ahead for this program and I am excited to see it all unfold.

As for me It was a busy day filled with travel as I begin to pursue my lifelong dream of playing professional hockey and further represent the Blue Devil name. I spent the day on 3 different planes with one more to go before I hit my final destination in Rapid City, South Dakota. I cannot thank the Blue Devil staff and my teammates for giving me the best college hockey experience possible. One last time this is Marcus Ortiz signing off!

Marcus Ortiz #28

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