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Sunday, October 23, 2016

"the stories started flying and the laughs started flowing"

Hello all,

Senior, Forward, Marcus Ortiz here for this latest installment of the Fredonia Ice Hockey Blog. After an intense and draining week of practice, the boys got to enjoy the night last night with some of our alumni from the original year. As the stories started flying and the laughs started flowing it was at that moment when we realized just how big of a family we are involved in here. It is a proud time to be a Blue Devil, and after a summer of intense hard-work and training I am ready to put some pucks in Utica's net Friday night as I know the rest of the boys are!
I am excited to see my family and the rest of the families that will be in town for this game on Friday, sometimes we think our parents come more so to see and hang out with the other parents more than to see us (joking of course). School is getting tougher right about this time so the boys are pushing to get ahead in work to take the pressure off. Well I hope to see everyone on Friday night!
Stay tuned!

Till next time,

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