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Monday, October 24, 2016

"sorry USA but you lost that one..."

Hey again, junior Oskar Gerhardson signing in. After a good first week of practice the boys got to play a scrimmage on Saturday. Even though we had a long and tough week, the game tempo was pretty high and the guys looked good out there. For myself, an ankle injury has been keeping me off the ice for too long but I am making good progress and hopefully I will be ready to battle for a spot for the season opener on Friday.

School is moving along well, there is a lot to do and currently I am sitting in the library with a few of the guys on the team and we are hammering out homework like it´s nobody´s business. 

For Fall Break I also got a chance to experience the Niagara falls form the Canadian side for the first time which was way better than the American side, sorry USA but you lost that one...

Until next time,

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