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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Racing standard bred horses is our family's hobby....

Hello bloggers this is junior defenseman Zach White here for another edition of the 

Today I would like to tell you a bit about a hobby my family enjoys back home,
This is racing standard bred horses or otherwise known as harness racing horses. 
Ever since I was a little kid I have been around horses and a barn.  My grandfather
and father raced horses for around 20 years and now my oldest brother John is starting to get into the sport.  

In September John and my grandfather bought a yearling trotter named Jack Kelly
at the Morrisville State Equine sale.  A yearling trotter simply means the horse is one year
old and trotter refers to the stride the horse runs with.  A trotter’s stride the horse’s legs
move in diagonal pairs while it is running. 

Over Thanksgiving break me and teammate Hunter Long had the chance to
make it over to the track near my house where my brother keeps Jack and helped
him out with the horse for the day.  These horses are athletes just as us hockey
players, they have to eat a fairly strict diet and workout usually 6 days a week and
train once twice a week.  My brother has been preparing the horse to get to the
races in the summer for the first time when he turns two he is eligible to race. 

Hopefully we will make it to the winner’s circle a few times this summer!

Until next time Merry Christmas everyone and a happy New Year.

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