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Monday, October 26, 2015

the boys looked good.......

As the first game of the season approaches quickly everyone is starting to get very excited.

This weekend we got to play in our annual blue-white game, and the boys looked good. This was the first real game action anyone has had in a while but we all came out to compete and push each other to keep getting better. Starting today there are only four more days of practice and we can not wait to hit the ice in Buff State. It has been a long time since the blue devils have played a meaningful game and this Friday night will be a huge night for our new team. Everyone has been putting in their best effort to get our team ready, but we all know that we are just getting started and there is a lot more hard work to come. I am extremely excited to see what this group of guys can do this year and can't wait for this weekend.

Until next time,
Ryan Wilkinson #25

1 comment:

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    I think I'm crying. It's that admirable.
    Excellent. So revolutionary.
    Really good experience, friend.

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