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Monday, October 5, 2015

Frankie looking forward to getting home for Fall Break....

Hello again blog world,

Frankie Hart here with his second blog of the year already. Hard to believe that a month and a bit has already gone by! But I must say this truly is a great thing due to the fact that in 14 days coach steps on the ice and that means the first game of the season is just around the corner! I could not be more excited to get the ball rolling with all my teammates. We have all been working hard to get better every single day, but its hard to call it work when you enjoy what you are doing with the teammates around you. On another positive not everyone survived advanced conditioning, which was not a surprise considering the shape everyone is in. 

On a school note, things are going well. I am still very intrigued with my psychology and philosophy classes. Me and freshman Jon Carlson are working together at achieving greatness in philosophy. I feel myself becoming more and more philosophical everyday. 

This Wednesday I have the pleasure of returning home to the North Pole for some long overdue family time. I have not been home in roughly 3 months because of the fact my summer job had me driving everyone but home to instruct hockey camps. I am looking forward to some hunting with my father and eating mothers great home cooked meals!

I want to wish everyone a great fall break and an exciting return back afterwards to get the season started!

Take care,

Frankie Hart #8

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