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Sunday, August 30, 2015


Hello everyone and happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a great weekend and to all students a great first weekend!

It feels good to be back and see all the guys of the team and also meet all the new freshmen that are coming in this year. The first week went by pretty quick, and just getting settled into all my classes. fortunately for me I have Tuesday and Thursdays off, but that also means I have 4 classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Another thing that feels good to be back is that we are able to go on the ice this past week for open ice. It's nice to be on the ice consistently and getting all the rust out before the season starts in October.

This week has been very slow since its syllabus week, which means every class is just getting started and introduced, so most of the classes here do not have too much work going on which is nice to get settled in and relax.

Also I should mention I am very excited about football being back and the season right around the corner. since I live close to Fredonia and the Buffalo Area, so everyone can relate, I am a struggling Bills fan. I really do hope we have a great season this year and have a better season than last year.
Anyways hope everyone has a great Sunday and a relaxing one indeed after a hard working week!

Yours in hockey,
Mackenzie McAvoy #27

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