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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Danny talks about summer back home in Sweden....

Hi everybody, this is Daniel Martensson here again.
This summer went so fast. I went back home to Sweden over the summer to see my family and work. It was really nice, as always, to see my family again and spend some quality time with them. Since I am here nine months of the year, spending time with my family becomes kind of a priority over summer. When you only see your family over the summer you want that time to go by slow so there is as much time spent with them as possible. Even though I don’t see my related family during the winter months I am fortunate to spend time with what I consider another family that lives right here in Fredonia, NY. This is my last year and I am so excited for another fun year with my brothers!
I hope you enjoyed your summer too!
That is all for me for today,

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