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Thursday, May 7, 2015

With exams next week, stress is ramping up.........

Hey there hockey fans!

Its #6 Kurt Gottschalk here for the blog post today. It’s been a pretty stressful week here at Fredonia State as the year is coming to an end and finals are approaching us faster than ever. It’s been a nice week here with weather being in the 20’s (70 degrees in Fahrenheit) and all of the students outside enjoying the nice weather. 

With Fred fest passing us it was nice to see some of the hockey alumni and getting the chance to hangout with them once again. For all the country fans reading this last Friday Mac MacAvoy, Garrett Moore, Mitch Kauffmann and myself saw Eric Church in concert, which was incredible. Garrett and I were in different spots at the concert and Garrett managed to snap a close picture of Eric Church.

As for the school aspect this week it’s been pretty stressful with 2 presentations and 2 projects to hand in which makes it pretty challenging to study for my four exams. We also have our Student Athletic Gala coming up this Sunday to give out awards for the different athletes who have excelled at their sport this past year and to congratulate the seniors who are moving on.

Well I better get back to studying Business Law. 

Take care hockey fans and have a great summer and Go Flames Go!

Gottsy out

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