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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

"I don't think I have even seen that many people in Fredonia ever!"

Hello folks this is Mackenzie McAvoy signing into today's version of the blog and my last one of the year. I hope everyone is having a great week, so far and remember people its almost the weekend!.
In today's edition I'm just going to talk about how my week is going and what's going on around in Fredonia, since it is 'Dead Week' and the last week of school so not too much is happening except for studying for exams coming up next week.
For this week I am currently studying for a map quiz I have at 10 AM this morning and also working on my Stats 300 project which is due Thursday in which the project consist of looking at 160 grades from 4 categories of the Business Departments and to see if there is any nominal similarities or differences between the grades and different majors in the Business Department. I know it sounds like a lot of fun! It sounds really boring but it is kind of interesting and it also will help in the future when doing stats for a business one day hopefully.
Other than my project nothing else is going on, just have been very quiet the last few days after our annual Fred Fest, even though it was cancelled, the off campus festivities still took part. Driving in downtown Fredonia it was pretty crazy to see all the students and kids walking around and having a good time. I personally don't think I have even seen that many people in Fredonia ever!
And also I might add it was nice to see the Flames win last night that it for sure and I do believe the was a goal the first time.
But anyways I'm gonna finish up the finishing touches on my project and also studying for a quiz tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great week and even better weekend.
Yours in hockey,
Mackenzie McAvoy #27

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