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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Grilling burgers and having some fun.....

Hello again Fredonia followers,

Marcus Ortiz checking in again for yet another fredonia hockey blog spot. Today is the beginning of what some call our last weekend of the school year and wouldnt you know it, we got beautiful weather for it too. We sat outside of the senior house for a large portion of the day grilling burgers and having some fun with some of the alumi that came to visit.
As finals week approaches fast we are all using this as an opportunity to destress and enjoy one of our last weekends together. The NHL playoffs are also in full swing which has us at eachothers throats on a nightly basis but all in good fun! Well I've got a burger to get back to so have a great weekend to all! And enjoy some of the fine weather!!
Go Lightning, Go Capitals!!
Marcus Ortiz #28

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