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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Hunter says it was 'a pretty good weekend.....'

Hey everyone,
            It is Sunday evening and some of the boys and I are hanging out with our good friend Danny on his porch. He turned the TV around into the window so we could enjoy the beautiful weather while we watch some of the NHL playoffs. Even though Nashville should have beat the Hawks… I'll still watch the exciting hockey and root against all the Canadian teams. Fred Fest was this past weekend and it was a great experience, we did our own thing as a hockey team and had a good time with friends. Some of the boys that graduated last year came in for the weekend so it was nice seeing them as well.  But a solid weekend we had here, and everything and everyone stayed intact which is always a plus for the boys. Fred Fest gets a bad reputation but its really celebrating the end of the year, and enjoying the sunshine with a couple of your closest friends that you will ever have.  
Hunts #26                       

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