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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A nice family Thanksgiving for Doust.......

Well it was good Thanksgiving, although I wouldn't call it much of a break. Spent the week here in quiet Fredonia as everyone else went back home. Jared Wynia, Marcus Ortiz and Taylor Bourne were the only other people here to keep me company. We relaxed and visited the Fitness Center on campus until they finally closed the doors for the break.

After that my daily routine turned to the school books once again. Programming websites in code took longer than I originally would have expected. Four to five hours a day I spent cracking code and designing websites from my textbook. Finally got it complete, so called, break on Thanksgiving day that I spent at my wonderful girlfriends families. Packed house of twelve family members welcomed me for a feast and football. After a nice night off from the books it has been back at it until the foreseeable future.

The break was nice to rest the lingering muscle injuries that I've been feeling and ready to finish off the final Fall semester of my college career. Tomorrow against Elmira will be a nice game back and hopefully jump start our push for the NCAA championships. Come out tomorrow and see how things go, look forward to see y'all!


Brian Doust

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