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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gunner goes in 2nd round

After getting drafted in the second round by player coach Cory Melkert for the battle of team activities we find ourselves in first place after 4 days of action. It’s been a difficult transition getting back into the school grind after getting back from spring break and basically taking it easy for a week and a half but ill manage...the weather has been really good which is odd, but I’m really not complaining it’s a nice change.

Declan Gunovski

Friday, March 30, 2012

Palmy offers up words of wisdom

With the season over, and the weather getting nicer and nicer each day, I’m finding school work to be harder to do. However you know you have to push through the desire to go outside and hang, and hit the books in the library instead. It is sort of like hockey and training. You push the the hard things whether it’s that last rep or pushing the tempo even harder in practice. It makes you that much stronger in the end. Being able to get through my school work now that spring break is over always feels like an accomplishment, and I am happy when I get it done. I think having the idea in my head that once school work is completed you can go outside has actually helped me complete my work. 

School work comes first, hanging out comes after. If you can get that idea down and complete it every day, you will be successful down the road. If you can remember to do that every day, you will find out that you have a lot more time to do the things you want, and complete your work as well.

Palmy #30

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Junger chillin and grillin

Back from spring break now it was nice to get away from everything, be home and relax a bit. On top of relaxing I was home in SLC, Utah so I was able to get up to the mountains and enjoy a day of spring skiing I mean it wasn’t the Florida beaches but can’t really complain about skiing in 65 degree sunny weather. It was also nice to be home and see friends also see my puppies and and spend time with family. Now back in Fredonia and what a wonderful week it has been some of the best weather I have seen in western New York in my three years here. Somehow I lucked out and haven't had much school work to do this week so I have been able to soak in the rays. I also have taken full advantage of the grill this week grilling every single night. An awesome spring break and wonderful week here has hopefully replenished me to go into the finishing stretch of school to finish off strong.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Beach, sun, and swim in Boca for the boys

Back on campus from a relaxing and enjoyable spring break in Florida. I went down with some fellow teammates Ryan Edens, Brett Mueller, Ben Waldman, Brian Doust, and ex-Fredonia player Marc Deeley. It was much needed after a tough lost in the semis and just from the wear and tear the season takes on the body. Who wouldn't want to lay out on the beach, get a nice sun tan, and go swimming in the ocean and do it all in the company of your best buds and teammates. We drove down to Florida which, the 20 hr. drive on the way down seems to fly by but the drive back was a different story; it seemed to take an eternity. We got back on Saturday and had a couple days to mentally prepare for school. Coming back to school it seemed like we never left Florida. The weather has been 70+ and sunny every day! It’s been awesome. But unfortunately I'm enjoying the weather from the library because I guess the teachers don't stop their curriculum for the nice weather. 

Will McLaughlin

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hehrsy wants Nunner to get goalie lessons for ball hockey

It is hard to get back into the swing of things the first week back after spring break. Luckily all my teachers decided to put tests for this week so I have really enjoyed that. I went home from the break which was nice to have a break from things. It is also nice to come back and get away from all the snow at home. We have started to have some team activities, and I have learned that Nunner is the worst ball hockey goalie in the nation. He buckled under pressure, but he made it up in basketball yesterday by using his 8 foot 9 frame to our team’s advantage. These games are a nice way to ease into the off season and start our focus towards next season.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Cos goes to the Big Apple

First week back after Spring Break is flying by, can’t believe it is already almost April.  Certainly can’t complain about the weather though.  Over the break I went to NYC for the first time which was pretty interesting.  The amount of people and activity definitely catches you off guard at first.  I think the biggest city I’ve been to besides NYC is Toronto, which has roughly 3 million people, a long way from 17.  Got to see a lot of the city, Times Square is definitely a cool place to be at night with all the people.  I’d definitely go back to the City although I’m not convinced I’d ever want to live in Manhattan for an extended period of time.  Other than that I spent the last couple days of break here in Fredonia just enjoying a little downtime.  Took a week or so off from the gym, now that the weather’s nice it’s definitely time to work on a little beach bod.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Doust excited to get back together with the boys, not their music

Back in Macroeconomics with Melky over here, not going to lie it’s hard to pay attention today when it’s so nice outside. Had a great spring break, kind of happy to be back in Fredonia but definitely enjoyed the break. Started activities with the boys, good to get back with everyone once a day to compete in other sports, gets pretty intense out there. To answer one of the questions "What is your favorite warm up tune?" I can't single one tune out but ask the boys if they like my music and you won't find too many positive.... answers to follow! (They have bad taste in music to be honest). But good to get back to school, got to go back to learning. Stay ClassyDoust

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Melky pumping "Sneekey Deeky Gunner Jovo" tires

Cory Melkert here checking in for another blog entry. With the season being wrapped up, I find myself with a lot more free time on my hands. I’m using this time to concentrate a bit more on school as OC always tells me schooling is very important. Also I have been able to make it to the lots to work on my fitness which is always important to an athlete. We started team activities this week which include playing different sports every day of the week. I was made a team captain and of course drafted a great team which is currently in first place. The team consists of all freshmen and a solo Mike Muhs. Muhsers veteran presence out there along with Declan"Sneekey Deeky Gunner Jovo" Gunovski's stellar net minding led us to a 5-0 record in street hockey. On a side note here the fellas are really enjoying the weather right now here at Fredonia with nothing but sun in the sky. Well that kind of tells you what I'm up to these days, and until next time keep your stick on the ice.

Cory Melkert