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Saturday, January 3, 2015

PS – to my mother, I got a 3.0 ...... I’m goanna be on coach’s door!!!!!

Hey guys Forsy signing in here after another day back at Fredonia.  It’s our third day back from break and I’m pretty happy about being back on the ice and in the gym.  I think I ate about 150 short break cookies while being back at home.  Over the past few days we have being practicing twice a day as we prepare for the upcoming game on Tuesday, I must say the boys are looking good especially the bangers.  Today we had the afternoon off and that resulted in a friendly little poker game.  I hate to brag but I got the win today after a long fought game.  To be completely honest I’m enjoying the first few days of J term.  I mean what’s not to like, I wake up head to the rink and the best part is I don’t have any of that pesky school to deal with.  Anyways I’m heading to bed, Forsy signing off.
PS – to my mother, 3.0 I’m goanna be on coach’s board. 

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