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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Juice boy..............

Good morning folks, 

It's Marcus Ortiz here on the blog again. 

Today was another day of classes and our final practice in preparation for a must-win weekend in Morrisville. I had class this morning with Hunter Long and Daniel Martensson. My next class and final of the day is accounting with my two buds Hunter and Chris Eiserman. The class is definitely a mental strain on us but so far so good in that class. Then its off to the gym with friend and line mate Frank Hart, and preparations for practice and the game tomorrow begin there. After a good skate and feeling ready for the big tilt tomorrow night we play a quick game of juice boy. Juice boy is a game where you have to score to be out, last guy in has to buy juice for everyone playing. Unfortunately for our assistant coach Mike, he has the poorest record so far in juice boy, investing a lot of money in juice boxes. After a quick game of juice boy its off to stretch and ice bath with Damien K and Frank. As the boys sit in the ice bath we all joke about the weekend coming up or discuss the idiotic tendencies of some of the boys in the classroom. As the unwinding comes to an end we head to dinner with the rest of the guys, where the endless banter with Erik Moberg never ceases. Then its back to the dorm to do a little homework with Damien, Jamie Young, and Nick Harper as we watch the various NHL games on tonight. When all the games have concluded we all part ways and hit the hay for a good nights sleep and a long bus trip to follow with one thing on all of our minds, the must win affair we will be entangled in in less than 24 hours. 

Marcus Ortiz #28
Fredonia State Hockey

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