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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Danny loves J-Term.........

Hi everybody, it’s Daniel here again.
We just got back after a weekend in Aston, PA after two good games against Neumann. One at 7pm Friday night and the second one at 3pm Saturday afternoon. Friday night we won 4-2 but our win streak broke after an overtime loss on Saturday.
Upcoming we have 3 days of good practice before we head off to start a new streak when we play Milton, Mass to play Curry on Friday night and then go to Johnson & Wales Saturday.
It is a little bit different with J-term here, I am not used to that there is barely any people here and the dining hall is calm and quiet, no lines to get food or anything. The best part of J-term is that there is so much time focusing on hockey and not have to worry about school.
That was all for me, until next time have a great rest of the J-term and a good start of the spring semester!
Martensson #18

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