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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

"informing everyone how the boys are doing "

Hey everyone,
Luke Rivera on the blog here just checking in and informing everyone how the boys are doing and what we are up to after the season.
After the season ended in a brutal way, it wasn't long until we regrouped and started working for next year. About ten of us took the time to drive to Florida for spring break where we got to rest up a little bit, relax and enjoy the sun for a week. After, we started working again. We had the ice for about a week when we got back until it was removed and our workout groups started up again. In reality, in hockey, there really is no such thing as an off season. As hard as it is to maintain and increase our strengths for the next upcoming season, it gets to also be time well spent with our team. Even though we are usually unable to breathe during workouts, we still have a good time laughin it up and enjoying the time spent together.
As well as the workouts, we have been doing our groups on bullet points for the upcoming season. We get together to discuss our strengths, weaknesses and goals that we are setting for next year. Doesn't take long after the season to start thinking about the shiny trophy we are working so hard to get for the next one. We were also informed from Coach Meredith on how well our team did with midterms. It's always weights being lifted off shoulders when you know you're in a good position.
Last but not least, the Stroke Awareness jerseys have been purchased and should be here around April where we will get to show them off for next years game that is scheduled for December 1, 2017 against the one and only Potsdam again. Been working and planning that game as well. Well hope everyone is enjoying not being as cold as it once was a couple weeks ago.
Until next time.
Luke Rivera #23

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