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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Work on Steele Hall Arena renovations coming along...

The renovation of Steele Hall Ice Arena is getting closer to being finished.  You can see by the pictures that many changes have taken place with more to come.  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Coach Silengo has a fish story to top them all..........

Assistant hockey coach, Bill Silengo recently was in Naples, Florida for the AHCA Hockey Coaches Convention.  While there he went deep sea fishing and landed a 10 foot, 1100 lb. Nurse Shark.  It took him close to an hour to get it to the surface and to the edge of the boat.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Alums wrap up successful Toronto tournament

Some of our Fredonia hockey alums got together for a men's tournament in Toronto recently.  They ended up winning the tournament and having a great time playing together again.  Joe Muli was on the IR do to appendices surgery while Adam Haberman on the IR due to ingesting bad pizza.

Front Row kneeling: (L to R) Kevin Amborski, Rick Boyce, Jeff Sylvester, Frank Soscia,
Second Row standing: Don Jaeger, Bryan Goudy, Scott Bradley, Will Barlow, Jim Gilbride, Matt Zeman, James Muscatello, Neal Sheehan, Evan DiValentino, Joe Muli, Adam Haberman, Mike Fallen.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Time goes by quickly.....

Last day on the blog. Another gorgeous day in Fredonia. It's weird to think that the next time I will probably be doing this I will be a senior. Time has gone by so fast, it seems like only yesterday I was just coming to Fredonia as a freshman. You really can't take time for granted. Everything is really winding down and I can honestly say I don't want to join the real world yet. I'm going to miss the boys and the good times that come with it. Until next time when I am senior....

Palmy #30

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Fred Fest Weekend in full swing.....

Will McLaughlin taking a break from studying.
Second to last day here on the blog and everyone that I'm around is happy.. It's the weekend! Being the second to last weekend of school everyone's getting that last "hoorah" in before finals. Dead week is approaching and it gets rather depressing around here. Everyone is studying and stressing  out over finals which no one really likes to do. Well I'm keeping it short in spite of the last good weekend. Here's a pic of the boys hanging


Friday, May 3, 2013

Palmy gets his start as a goalie...........

The week is winding down, and so is my desire for studying. Luckily I only have one more test left and then its the weekend! It is too bad that for Fred Fest this year there is no performer. Last year was awesome as Lupe Fiasco came. It was a pretty cool to have a big name performer come to our small school.
Either way as always, the weather is gorgeous and I am stuck here in the library. If you look back to a previous blog of mine, the same picture is applicable as I am sitting in a cubby trying to study. A lot of people probably don't like to blog or find that its difficult to write about something different every day. As for me its a time to get away from the studying and to share memories and reminisce in the good times.
Palmy in net!
One memory I'll never forget is one of the first times I ever played goalie. It was on a rec league team, and as anyone probably knows they occasionally have a random player play goalie. I volunteered for this game in particular as it was against this team that was known to be really skilled and nobody else wanted to. Oh boy were they ever! Here there team was, way bigger than our players and way beyond the skill level we had. I was dressed in these tiny red goalie pads, most likely put on the opposite legs as I didn't know how to put them on, just a regular helmet and some beat up glove and blocker. Basically I was not ready for the skill set of these players. I got shelved on. The score ended up about 9-0. However the reason I'll never forget is because I realized how much fun it was to play goalie (once you get over the flying rubber coming at you). The other reason is because although the score was so high, I must have made over 50 saves. It was awesome. The other team was saying how good I played for never doing it and the boys on my team appreciated me stepping in and doing that. 
The last and final thing that I will remember about that game is my dad coming up to me. he says, "So you're probably never going to want to do that again are you?" My response was as follows, "Are you kidding? That was awesome! you see how many saves I had?" My Dad started laughing and since then I played goalie for our team for the rest of the season and started to play goalie. As I used to play defense I always wonder how good I would have been if i still played D instead of switching over however, i love the position I am in and couldn't be happier at where I am at in my career. 

As always,


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Palmy breaks out of the norm...........

It seems to me that everyone on the blog writes about similar things day in and day out. "I am here in the library" or "I am at lunch with the boys", and as always subtle chirps are found throughout each blog. Maybe this time, I wont chirp anyone or even dare to mention the library (besides right there). During this blog post I suppose I will just talk about something else. But then again, what else is there for a college student to talk about? Either way here's a pic of rob Michalka taking down some ice cream with a cookie in it as well as some fun facts about me.
Favorite Meal: Steak
Favorite Drink: Gatorade 
Favorite Dessert: Skittles
Favorite snack: popcorn 
Favorite Hockey Player: Henrik Lundqvist
Favorite Hockey Team: Buffalo Sabres
Favorite Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
Dream Girl: Mila Kunis
Brunette, Blonde, or Redhead: Brunette
Favorite Superheros: Batman
Favorite Villains: Bane
Favorite Season: Summer
Hobbies: Hockey, watching movies, video gaming, having a couple cream sodas while chilling with friends
Favorite Movies: Happy Gilmore, inception 
Best Subject in School: Gym
Words to Describe Me: Ambiguous 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fred Fest weekend is approaching.....

Day two of the blog. Not much changes from day to day. Fred Fest weekend is approaching and everyone knows not much gets done over that weekend. However for me I have to get a lot done before Fred Fest. I have a "quest" Wednesday in one of my classes and a test on Thursday in another. My one teacher decides to call his tests "quests" for the reason is that he believes it is a long quiz. Regardless neither a test or "quest" is a fun time. So I apologize if this blog post ends quickly. For me studying becomes extremely difficult with nice weather so the battle to get to the library is a mission of itself. As I sort of stated the weather here is getting nicer and nicer which normally would be looked at as a good thing, however, in Fredonia nice weather means everyone wants to hang out outside. Some of the boys I heard went golfing today, myself and my lift group went for a run outside today which was nice. For me though until the weekend is here, my view is limited to what you see in the picture. While some may enjoy a nice romantic sunset (Ellenberger and his girlfriend) I will enjoy the sounds of pencil scratching paper, and a never changing background of papers and books.
Until next time 

Palmy #30