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Thursday, April 27, 2017



I hope everyone is enjoying there week so far! I know I sure am as it was about 68-70 degrees here in Fredonia and its about time were are getting some nice weather. It is definitely started to feel like spring time around here and just a touch of summer.

As the days go by, I have really taken some time and reflected on my time here in Fredonia.  It feels like just yesterday I arrived on campus my freshmen year bringing all my stuff up to the third floor dorms. lets just say it was very hot out that day and a t-shirt change was a must after that haul. the time really does fly by when you having fun with a great group of guys which turned into family for me. I just want to take this time to thank everyone that made my experience here in Fredonia a one I will never forget. Also to all the boys who I played with over my career here, you will never be forgotten.

Lastly I just want to say that I can't believe in 17 days I'm going to be graduating, and I must say I'm very excited but also very nervous for what the future holds. nervous in a good way of course.

thank you for all the memories

Mackenzie McAvoy


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