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Thursday, December 8, 2016

These are the games we live for...

Hey hockey fans #7 Todd Schauss here on a busy Wednesday!

The boys are coming off a solid weekend picking up 2 of 4 points in a huge win over Brockport in a special teams battle. With momentum the boys keep building and moving forward this week on the ice in preparation for #1 Oswego Friday and Cortland Saturday. These are the games we live for, the games we dreamed of playing as kids; going up against the best of the best with an opportunity to show the hockey World what Fred hockey is all about! 
Along with all the hard work on the ice, the fellas are grinding away at our studies with a huge week of exams next week. I know as much as the boys love being here in Fred town it is time for much needed family time along with a break from the books.
Looking forward to a great weekend and Christmas break!
Until next time!
Todd Schauss #7

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