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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fredonia hockey alum, Tom Pokel comments on coaching against Team Canada at recent World Hockey Championships

"Man those guys are good.  We started off very well in the 1st period.. We have a hard time scoring at this level. Our guy who got the 5 minute major is 19 years old.. And that 5 minute kill took the wind out of our sails.. "

Tom Pokel (middle) coaches Team Italy against Team Canada
"We beat ourselves in the 2nd period with turnovers and odd man rushes and NHL guys don't miss on odd-man opportunities.. I thought we generated enough chances and forced a lot of turnovers by their d-men.. especially Myers but we don't have enough skill, cleverness or speed to capitalize on our chances and I think the average size of our team is 5'9" hahaha...  We get frustrated when we don't score and take toooo many chances to force goals and end up paying for it." 

"It was a great experience playing against Team Canada. We play Slovakia tonight and Sweden on Monday night. Sweden is REALLY good. We need to get some points against Slovakia or Sweden otherwise we get relegated to the B Pool World Championships.."

Talk to you soon. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Last blog until next Fall.........

Hey There Bloggers,

I cannot believe my second year at Fredonia is coming to an end.  The boys weren't lying when they said every year goes faster than the previous year.  Seems like yesterday I pulled up to the campus and moved into the Hemingway dorm.  All the boys are bearing down on their studies to prepare for there finals next week, wish us luck.  Also I would like to congratulate all the seniors graduating, You Boys Made It!  

Well I guess Happy Summer everyone.

Stay Classy,
John DeFeo

Here are two pics of me, Kauf and Wilky at our Christmas Party from this year and last year. Let us know which outfit you guys like better.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Like Texas weather today...........

Hello all,

Marcus Ortiz #28 for your Fredonia State Blue Devils. This is my last blog of the school year and with just a week to go the boys are packing up and studying hard. Today was the first beautifully warm day that's anywhere near comparable to my Texas weather. The boys hung out outside for a bit playing some football, some went for a run, such as Chris Eiserman, Erik Moberg and I after working on the beach bodies for the summer in the gym. Wish this weather could have come sooner but it's nice to get a taste of home. Till next year have a great summer! 
Hello all, 

Marcus Ortiz #28

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wynia loves Hockey Night in Canada intors.............

Things are pretty boring in terms of the atmosphere here in Fredonia with the weather and exams on the horizon. Maybe that's just how things feel for me though.

I just finished a workout here and will probably be in the computer lab for the rest of the day until maybe around 10 at night. It's almost finals week here and just trying to grind through it to hopefully knock some work out today so next week is a little more stress free.

At least at night we have NHL playoffs to keep us sane. I've been enjoying them a lot since every game has been exciting this year. The only down side is that watching them in the states, you don't get to experience the amazing Hockey Night in Canada opening intros for every night. It's hard to explain via email so I have linked the opening night one from the 2013 playoffs. They do one before every game though and they are all amazing.

Every one is unique and use a different song each time, it's simply a great way to get you excited for each game. Sorry Americans, tough luck.

Until next time! All the best!

- Jared Wynia #20

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cappy looking back and ahead at the same time.......

Here we are in the final week of classes for the year and boy has this year gone fast.  It crazy to think that next August coming back I will be senior and almost ready to get out into the real world.  That will be a scary sight.  It feels like yesterday we were just walking through the doors as freshman.

Looking forward to getting home for a few months and being able to replenish the old bank account for next year.  One bright spot for he summer coming up is me and captain, Cory Melkert will be heading down to North Carolina in June to see the US Open Golf Tournament.  One downside is it looks like Tiger Woods won't be there due to a back injury. We will be staying at my uncles condo near Myrtle Beach so I'm sure we will be having a good time.  Also, we will be getting a few rounds of golf while down there, although I'm not the best golfer I'm a real good talker out there.  Usually get the boys fired up and get them off their game, which helps me catch up.

Hope everyone has a good last week and finals week.  Safe travels home and come back next year to hear all about our trip.

Study Hard!

Cappy #21

Monday, May 5, 2014

Forsy checking in for one last time..............

Hey all.  Another Monday has arrived here in Fredonia and pretty well all of us are pretty busy for this rest of the school year.