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Monday, March 31, 2014

Feels like home with this weather for Bourney........

Another Monday has rolled around here in Fredonia, meaning we are starting another week towards finishing the semester.  This semester has posed a new set of challenges for myself as my classes become busy all at the same time.  This week is one of my busiest weeks already, and its only Monday
The weather has been very similar to that of my hometown of Calgary.  In the last couple days no one has any clue what the weather is going to be.  On Saturday we had a snowstorm a couple of hours after our Senior Banquet which almost left Tyler Palmerton, Andrew Christ and myself stranded in Buffalo.  The three of us headed up to Buffalo to watch the Sabres take on the Lightning right after the banquet.  The Lightning won the game in overtime thanks to captain, Steven Stamkos, and after the game the three of us were greeted with snow and ice outside for Tyler’s Honda Civic to get us home.  However, before we left the arena, the three of us were mistaken for Lightning players as we were still in our suits from the banquet, unfortunately we had to let the kind lady know that we were not a part of the team.  The trek home ended up taking right around 2 hours for us to arrive back in Fredonia, with our average speed of 30 mph... it was slow going.  Well with a sunny Monday winding down I will be in the library hoping that the 15 C degrees (59 Fahrenheit ) weather is actually true for tomorrow.  Stay tuned........
Taylor Bourne #29

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The winter that just won't end........

Hello Bloggers,
JD here coming to you from sunny old Fredonia.  Turns out winter is here to stay for good seeing that I looked out my window this morning to see that it snowed 6-7 inches last night.  Getting my moneys worth out of my four wheel drive this winter that's for sure.  Anyways, all the fellas had a nice evening last night at the Clarion for our annual team banquet, even though I think Al Perkins may have rigged the award ceremony.  Guy got every award known to man, Most Improved, MVP, Purple Heart, an Oscar, etc.  
Going to change gears a little bit here.  I would like to thank all the Seniors again for all their help and support these past two years, they will be missed.  I wouldn't be where I am today without them.
That's it for me today.  Going to be a slow Sunday here at the house.  Need to catch up on some laundry and work.
Have a good one,
John DeFeo #15

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Nothing wrong with a TV night........

Hey everybody,

Jared Wynia here for a blog installment. Just returned home from our year end hockey banquet and it was very well put on as it always is. Coach gave a great speech, gave thanks, and recognition to players who earned in season awards. It was great too see all the guys again, but more importantly it was bitter sweet with seniors giving their farewell speeches. Andy Christ, Ryan Edens, Alex Perkins, Tyler Palmerton, Matt Owczarczak, and Chad Bennett all gave a nice little speech and it was a great way to wrap up the ceremony.
The boys are all relaxing now.  Castriota, Doust and I are watching March Madness games at our house. The weather right now is kind of crummy and raining so it might just be a TV kind of night, which I'm not complaining about at all. I would love to see Dayton keep winning and upsetting every team but they look like they're in tough right now against Florida. 
All the best everybody and until next time take care! 
- Wynia

Friday, March 28, 2014

Hey Mobey....Cappy says "lay off the alfredo"........

Cappy here on the blog today, from a rainy and windy SUNY Fredonia.

It's been a pretty uneventful day today for me.  Got a nice workout in this morning and it was nice getting all the guys together for a meeting.  We haven't really been all together since the season ended and it was nice to get see everybody in one place.
Before the meeting we had Mobey put on a little show with the soccer ball in the locker room.  He had some nice moves, even did a push up with the ball on the back of his neck, although it was a poor excuse for a push up, with his arms shaking the whole time.  It would definitely be a lot easier if he would listen to me and cut out the 3 pastas a day with extra alfredo sauce from Cranny, but he chooses not to listen.  I'm excited to him and a few of the boys play in the intramural soccer league next week, should definitely be entertaining. 

Have a good weekend everybody! Until next time


Thursday, March 27, 2014

A big day at school and on the racquetball courts

Hello Fredonia Hockey Followers,
Marcus Ortiz here with today's blog and what an eventful day it was.  The day started with Sports Management class with a few of my fellow teammates in Hunter, Chris, Travis, Blake and Flags. Our Professor loves to mess around with our little group, especially our brothers from the Great White North. 
After that eventful class I headed to the library to study for a big exam I had coming up in the afternoon, where I ran into my roommate, the famous Swede, Erik Moberg who was buried nose-deep in what seemed to be a famous novel by Hemingway.
After my exam in the afternoon I headed to Dods Hall Athletic Center to meet up with Garrett and Frankie for a little workout.  We decided to play racquetball and then proceed with our workout of the day.  After many heated matches and a few bruises on Frankie we returned to the locker room for a brief meeting with the boys, followed after with our lift.

To end the day we all parted ways to do our homework after dinner and finished our preparations for Friday.

Until next time,
Marcus Ortiz #28

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Thoughts from the beaches of Cancun...........

Spending my days lounging at the Barcelo Cancun spring break
It's been a quick year, only a month and a bit left until my junior year is over. Time has flown by looking back on it, only one year left at this school. Had a blast so far, just came back from Cancun, Mexico with the seniors and a couple sophomores. We had a great time, got some time to relax believe it or not, but coming home to this weather has me chilled to the bone.

Everyone made it home in one piece, and were able to share some memories on the seniors last trip of college. I wish them the best in the future and thank them for the time they spent here. Speaking of the future, its scary having my sights set on the "real world", accepting an internship out west with an oil company for the summer with Devon Energy, has me anxious with the start date quickly approaching. It makes me want to be back on the beach with no worries in the world. But that being said, I better get back to the school work and prepare for the real working life, and stop day dreaming about the beach!  

#23 Brian Doust


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Flags is the man.........

Hey guys Forsy signing in here.   

Today I would like to take the time to introduce you to easily the best goalie ever in the whole world.  Jeff “The Legend” Flagler.  Flags is a freshmen here at Fredonia and he is definitely our teams most unique individual.  With the help of roommate Macker, we have compiled a list of the must knows to truly understand the unique mind of a goalie..


Name: Jeff “The Legend” Flagler
Fav course this semester: Lunchtime
Hockey idol: Tim Thomas 
Fav actor: Richard Simmons
Fav pump up song: Up – Shania Twain
Favorite Hockey Team: Walkerton Hawks
Best attributes: Teeth
Future goals: Be the best natural athlete in the world
Fun Fact: Flags was SUNYAC Athlete of the week after playing two sick games against Morrisville

Well folks I hope you all have a great week and I hope Flags doesn’t read this and beat me up…. Just kidding he can’t.

See ya soon.