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Monday, February 24, 2014

Playoffs begin..........

It’s the start of playoffs this week as we get ready for the trip to Oswego on Wednesday. Before Wednesday, it’s important to pay attention to details on going to class and getting the homework needed from the previous Friday and upcoming Wednesday as there will be classes missed due to the travel to get to Oswego. Monday's consists of 5 classes starting with Calculus at 8am and ending with Public Sector Economics at 3pm. In between that time I was able to go to the gym and get a lift in with the boys to get ready for the upcoming week. Then off to practice to get the feet moving and back to the library to hit the books in order to stay on track the playoff run.
-Darrin Trebes #4

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Big showdown

Hello again everyone,

With the conclusion of Wednesday’s Olympic games, the highly anticipated USA – Canada will take place this today.  After a poor showing from the Canadian team this Olympics the future is looking bright for a very unique USA team.  Team USA has battled their way to the semi-finals through fairly tough pool play and a well-handled first round win.  This group seems to have something all of the others in the tournament lack; they have molded together as a team quickly and really look like a championship caliber team.  As opposed to Canada, not really a TEAM, more of a all-star team with too many skilled guys that haven’t really found their identity they need to play in order to take their game to another level.  This semi-final match up almost seems like the gold-medal game here in Fredonia, due to all of the chirping between the Americans and Canadians on our squad.  As Friday rolls around if our annual USA – Canada showdown after practice here in Fredonia is any indication on how the outcome will be at the end of the 3rd on Friday in Sochi, Team USA will be playing for a gold medal.
Zach White #5