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Friday, January 31, 2014

Meet the Eisermans.............

  These couple blogs I've seemed to mention everyone except myself. I was born and raised in Newburyport, Massachusetts. My fathers name is Bill and mother is Dianne. I have 4 brothers and their names are Billy, Shane, Cole, and Caden. My family is known as a hockey family. My father played Division 1 hockey and so does Billy and Shane. My mother could be the next Mike Babcock, where she knows everything and anything about the game. My two little brothers are in mites, but with their experience in watching their older brothers play and always being around the game, they moved up to squirts. I am very fortunate because I get to see my brothers and best friends compete in the game I love. That there, is my favorite thing to do in my life. If you ever ask around about me you may find a very common answer with 'funny and outgoing'. I try my best to put smiles on people's faces. In my life I've had a lot of ups and downs with this game. I truly don't believe in downs because I was born to the best parents that have given me everything I've always wanted. Hockey is a game and its still a kids game. You may be upset of some outcomes but the true meaning to this is to be thankful of what you have. Hockey has shaped my life. I've met my best friends from this game and it has helped me transform into the person I am today. -Eisee

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mobey making his mark on Fredonia.....all the way from Sweden

The SUNY Fredonia men's hockey team is a very diverse group. We have Americans, Canadians, and Albertans. Alberta is in Canada but those guys are just a different breed. The one group I forgot to mention is European. The one Euro that we were blessed with this season is freshman forward Erik Moberg. Erik is from Sweden, and he is proud of his country. I'm dedicating this blog to Erik because I think he deserves it. If you ever get a chance to stroll around campus one day you might come upon a young gentlemen that looks like a model from GQ. He always looks sharp from head to toe. Sometimes he could be wearing a blazer with a matching scarf, or nice slacks with a Cardigan. Rule #1 about Moberg, never bring him to the Galleria Mall. I say this because he shops like a 16 year old girl that got a hold of her daddy's credit card. Erik enjoys sun tanning, a book by the fire, and sipping on a Carmel Macchiato from Starbucks. Moberg'
s claim to fame line is, "there's only one Erik Moberg". The best story I have about this guy so far this season was when a bunch of us went to the beach. We were all packed up and ready to hit the road when we realized we had to wait for Erik to change. The beeps of the horn startled him so he flew down the stairs. From my view in the car I see him approaching the vehicle wearing nothing but a nice Speedo, and a towel over his shoulder. From that moment on I knew this guy and I were going to be great friends because he didn't care what people thought. In his mind he thought he looked like a the front runner from the Swedish Swim team. Since then we have shared plenty of laughs and I'm happy to call him a friend. -Eisee

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My recruiting visit..............

  Yesterday I received my first recruit of the year to come stay with me. This took me back to exactly a year ago when I had my visit. I thought about what got me to go here. I laugh now because it wasn't the rink, the lockerroom, or the girls I saw walking around campus. It was the guys I met that night that would put the "YES" in committing to go here.

The first person I got introduced to was sophomore, forward, Chad Bennett. Coach Bill came out with him and said "Chris, this is who you will be staying with." My first thoughts were, "you gotta be kidding me." This guy looks like the Undertaker from WWE. He ended up being the right guy for the job. Chad was honest about everything since Day 1, he told me the good stuff and the bad stuff about Fredonia. Coming off one eventful Junior career, it was finally good to hear someone give it to me straight.

John, Ryan, Taylor(far right), Chad, Mitch
We get back to the dorm and I was greeted by Ryan Wilkinson. After having a conversation with him, I knew I could definitely get into this school if this guy did. Then I met Mitch Kaufmann.  This guy didn't even have to tell me where he was from because of his accent. He sounded like he just got off a late night shift from the oil rigs in Alberta. Two other people came to introduce themselves, and they were John Defeo and Taylor Bourne. John to me looked like his Mom still bags his lunch. Taylor had these lamb chops going for him, I didn't know if he thought he played the bass for the Who or played the drums for Metallica. Beside the point, these guys were quickly judged, not just on their looks, but their personalities and kindness, and that is why I'm by their side battling today . -#1 Eisee

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Eisee at the controls this week............

The Sports Management majors just received their new books, and can't wait to dig in.

Hello Blue Devils fans, my name are Chris Eiserman and I'm one of the freshman Goaltenders here at SUNY Fredonia. Today was the first day of the new semester, so it was time to drop the Xbox controllers and pull out the binders and pencils. I'm fortunate enough to share a couple classes with academic weapons like Blake Forslund, Jeff Flager, Travis Fernley, and Hunter Long. We all study in the arts of Sports Management and have a minor in hockey. Blake Forslund and Jeff Flagler hail from Owen Sound Ontario where they receive the best schooling. If they’re not out shoveling snow, or out on the lakes ice fishing, they’re nose deep in a book. Calgary, Alberta is known for prestigious students like Travis. Then there's Hunter Long who is from Tennessee. When you think of Tennessee, you think of Country stars like Brantley Gilbert, Jake Owen, and Blake Shelton. Although Long thinks he can play the guitar like these artist, he's better at strumming an old math fact in the library as Isaac Newton would. It's an honor sitting next to these guys in class, and can't wait to excel this semester.

 Till next time- Eisee

Monday, January 27, 2014

Potential is nothing unless you reach it...........

Well folks today will wrap up the last blog for myself.  I have had fun writing about my thoughts and sharing them.  Although some have been boring to read, it was the things on my mind.  I believe that we have a great hockey team here at Fredonia and every single person in their own way contributes to the team and makes it better.  There isn’t a group of guys that I would rather go to battle with every day then the guys I lace them up with Monday through Saturday.  Yes, occasionally I get the head high shot in practice which makes me mad, but all is forgiven when that player lays down to block a shot for me in the next game and never even hesitates.  We have a lot of potential on this team, but potential means nothing if it never ends up going anywhere.  This half we are going to make sure that this potential becomes more.
Bleed Blue, Flags

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A team is something that doesn’t come together over night.

Today I want to talk about what a team is.  A team is something that doesn’t come together over night.  A team has ups and downs and you just never know when those are going to happen.  A team wins together and loses together.  It may be a cliche but there is no “I” in team.  When a team loses we feel each other’s pain.  When a team wins we feel each other’s excitement.  Teammates are people who can get you through the worst of times, who can help you overcome your fears.  Teammates are a lot like family, they will be there for you always.  The Fredonia Blue Devils are not my team they are my family and together we will get threw anything.

Stay focused, Flags

Saturday, January 25, 2014

There are many different characters on the team this year.........

There are many different characters on the team this year.  There are all different shapes and sizes. We range from the Europe all the way to that faraway place we call Canada.  Eric Moberg is are Swedish delight.  He always has something to say in his accent of his to make the guys laugh and he doesn’t even know it.  Then we can go to Chad Bennett, a kid who always has an impression that always marks the spot.  We have Frankie Hart who stretches more than anyone I have ever met, some may say it’s weird but he’s just looking after his body.  We have Cory Melkert out of Ottawa, Ontario who is a great undercover leader, he may not lead by his talk but always leads by his play.  Everyone is different on this Fredonia Blue Devils team but that’s why it works.
Stay blue, Flags

Friday, January 24, 2014

Time to go back to classes..........

Its getting that time where we are about to go back to school.  It has been a great j term here at Fredonia.  Having time to focus in on hockey and even more focus in on the team.  I believe that over this time we have grown more as a team.  Unlike first semester I know now what I need to do to balance my hockey and my school which are both very important.  I now know that I have to set times out to get my homework done and assignments.  When it comes to school it is no joke and getting the job done on the ice and off the ice is very important.  You can be the best hockey player at the school but if your grades aren’t keeping up to your stats it just doesn’t matter.  The guys on the team are always there if you need help with school which makes it a lot easier.  This semester should be a good one for the Blue Devils on and off the ice, I can feel it.

Stay friendly, Flags

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Preach on Flags...............

The Fredonia Blue Devils are just rolling.  Last night we faced Elmira.  The first game against them this season didn't go so well and we got shut out.  Last night however was a different story.  We defeated the Soaring Eagles 5-4 with Steve Castriota scoring in the last minute for us to go up.  I was very excited as I earned my second win in as many games.  It was a full team effort throughout the whole game and even when we gave up two, two goal leads that didn't stop us in the end.  That shows that all of us have the drive to win no matter what and we won't give up.  This weekend we are back to SUNYAC play and both games are very big ones.  These games are going to take us into the last few games of our season and every point is very valuable.  Every night it can be any one's game  it just all depends on who shows up.  I know come Friday night the boys in white are gonna be ready to go and no one should expect any less.  Until tomorrows blog.
Stay sassy, Flags

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"owing it all to Blake"................

The journey to Fredonia was a long one for me.  I thought that hockey would be over for me after junior as there didn’t seem to be much interest around about me.  One day I got a phone call from my best buddy, Blake Forslund who is also a freshmen on the team this year.  The call would ultimately change my future with hockey and lead me to New York State to play for the Fredonia Blue Devils.  Without knowing Blake, this opportunity would never have come calling for me and for that I will always be in his debt.  Hopefully he doesn’t read this blog because I’m sure once he does he won’t hesitate to hold that over my head.  The experience at Fredonia so far has been great and I can’t wait to continue making more memories.  I have already made friendships that will last forever and I am grateful to have such a chance.

Stay Golden, Flags

Monday, January 20, 2014

"and no its not in the middle of nowhere"...........

Hi everyone.  My name is Jeff Flagler and I will be running the blog for the next week.  I am a goal tender as well as a freshmen and I come from Owen Sound, Ontario and no its not in the middle of nowhere.  This past weekend was pretty special for me as I got my first college win and on top of that my Dad was there to see it as it was Dad’s Weekend.  It was great to spend time with him and the other Dads after the game.  America is much different than Canada and I am slowly getting used to it.  It is a little hard when you are out of your element but the guys on the team have made it extremely easy to get comfortable.  I look forwards to making a run with this team the second half of the year.  Anything can happen and that’s what I live for.  Take care for now and until next time.

Stay classy, Flags.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Dad's Weekend in Fredonia

Jared Wynia and his Dad, John
Hey everyone just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Blake Forslund I'm a freshman here at Fredonia.  Its my first year living here in America as I'm from Owen Sound, Ontario and once again I'm looking forward to another Gold over the Americans in the Olympics.  This weekend we host Curry College at home and I'm sure most of the boys are fired up as its Dads weekend here in FredVegas.  My old man is coming in tomorrow morning to watch the game and meet most the boys. Were looking for a big win and personally I better play good or I'll have to hear all the things I did wrong in my post game meeting with my Dad.

Enjoy your Friday night Forsy.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Enjoy the couch......

Hey guys we had a big win against Curry on Saturday as we laid the boots to them beating them 4 to 0.  Our 'tendy' Flags or as my Dads calls him "the legend" got his first college shut out and I'm sure he wont let anyone forget it.  Fortunately after a win the Dads were in good spirits and we got to enjoy the rest of the weekend with them.  I got a big Sunday planned as Netflix just got a few new movies and of course I am living in America so I basically have to watch the football games today. Enjoy the couch, Forsy. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Looking for payback

Ahhhhh, another Monday has arrived here in Fredonia and were back at the rink getting ready for Elmira College who is coming to play us tomorrow night.  Last time we played Elmira they pumped us 5 to 0 so the boys are looking forward to a bit of revenge tomorrow night.  This time were coming in hot as we won the last two games so were feeling pretty good.  Today were laying low and playing a little NHL on the X Box so life is good here in the dorms. Have a good one, Forsy. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winter Blizzard closes the college but hockey marches on...........

The past 24 hours have been a little crazy due to the harsh weather Fredonia has seen.  The cold bitter temperatures and white out blizzard conditions have caused a few problems with our hockey club and some of our teammates. Unfortunately our game today against Elmira was cancelled because of the brutal weather conditions. Having a game cancelled is never fun because as players, games are what we look forward to most. It is always fun to play against different people rather than our teammates that we compete against everyday in practice.   So hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can get our games in against Neumann this weekend.
This weather has also caused problems for myself, and teammate/roommate Andy Christ.  With the cold temperatures in the negatives, our cars have taken a big hit.  My car windows froze and broke causing them to no longer move back up, so I had to take it into the shop to have fixed.  I am not really sure when I will have it back or how much it is going to cost me.  The only other car that we had for transportation was Christ's, which we just found out this morning will no longer turn over because of the cold, bone-chilling temperatures.  So my housemates and I have been in quite the bind today with no form of transportation to and from campus. I know Andy has tried to start his car all day, and he still has not had any luck. 

 Hopefully tomorrow the temperatures will warm up a little and his car will start and run again. Until then, all we can do is try to stay warm and pray that one of our cars will be operating the way they should be so we don't have to worry about rides to and from hockey practice every morning.  

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Back on campus..........

It is good to be back at school after a two week holiday break!  Being able to celebrate Christmas and bring in the New Year with family and friends was something that I feel our hockey team needed.  Now we are back on campus, energized, and ready to turn this season around for the better.
The transition back into hockey has been very good so far.  Our team seems to be really focused and ready for our game this Tuesday against Elmira.  Over J Term, we spend a lot of time with one another.  We practice, eat every meal together, and watch a lot of movies and TV shows together.  Myself (Matt O) Edens, Perkins, Christ, and Matecki just watched Lone Survivor last night.  Probably one of the best movies I have ever seen.  It is a true story about 4 Navy Seals who run into a troubled mission and go through struggles you couldn't even imagine protecting each other and staying alive.  This movie really puts things into perspective on how lucky we are to have people sacrificing their lives for our country so that we can do the things we enjoy, such as going to school and playing college hockey. 
I am sure with all the movies that will be watched by our team over the next month, we will come across many other good ones.  But for now, it is time for me to go and experience the fine dining services that Fredonia State has to offer.