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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sox claim another title........

Hey there folks. Teck reporting back again. Another day gets closer to Oswego which means that it gets harder to sleep at night because of the anticipation and excitement. Myself, Eddy, Christ and Perks are watching my favorite team, the Boston Red Sox take control in game 6. It's still early in the game but let's hope that the boys can hang on. Until next time....


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Picked my new classes today..........

Hey there fans, Teck here. Today was a great day in Fredonia. I had a nice meeting with my advisor to pick my new classes and the boys had a great practice today. I also joined my two buddies Perks and Kauf for a nice workout at 10:30 this morning. My parents came up for lunch because they both happen to have a day off from the real world. Must be nice. The boys are grinding everyday getting ready to get two big wins this weekend. I watched some hockey with Perks later on and unfortunately the Oilers are doing as well as the Sabres. So to say the least 3 out of my 4 roommates are unhappy with their NHL teams. Goodnight Fredonia until tomorrow.

Teck #22

Monday, October 28, 2013 seems like only yesterday I was showing up to campus for the first time as a freshman.

Tyler Matecki reporting here. I'm now a junior and it seems like only yesterday I was showing up to campus for the first time as a freshman. It's amazing how fast it goes by. From a hockey stand point, practices are looking really good and the boys are building some chemistry with each other. I'm currently sitting in my living room with a couple of my teammates, captain Alex Perkins and senior, forward, Matt Owczarczak watching the Sabres game. Although it is very difficult to watch them we are flipping back and forth between the Red Sox game. It's getting late and the lights are going out soon here at 44 center. Until next time........

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Today was a very successful day.....

Today was a very successful day for the team on the ice.  We had a great practice this morning walking through a few things and took the afternoon off to get ready for the scrimmage at night.  The scrimmage went very well with a lot of up tempo plays and a bunch of goals which is always good.  I think we will have a lot of teaching points from the clips of tonight that will lead us into a great week of practice and eventually get us down to Oswego next Friday night.  Well my week on the blog is over , it's been fun now its time for Matecki to take over tomorrow.  Come back to hear what he has to say for the week.
Cappy 21

Saturday, October 26, 2013

a couple of clowns...........

Well my day didn't get off to the best start to be honest.  As I walked from my 8 AM class to my car I got caught in that freezing hail storm which was not fun whatsoever.  After getting through that my day was a lot better.  I ran in to the two clowns in the picture, Hunter Long and Chris Eiserman, sharing headphones and listening to music together as they were walking to Tim's.  Those two roommates are real characters whenever they get together.

After relaxing a bit and going to classes it was time for practice.  We had a good practice as we got prepared for our Blue/White scrimmage Saturday Night.  This scrimmage will definitely help us out and get us ready for our next week of practice and the start of the season.  Check back tomorrow to see how the scrimmage goes and to see my last bog for the week.
Cappy 21

Friday, October 25, 2013

Cappy looking forward to getting a chance to hit somebody else.........

Tonight was another late night of classes for me.  Had my Organizational Behavior presentation until 9.  I felt that I really nailed it so I'm hoping to get an A on it which would be nice.  Mid term grades came out today and I am pretty happy with where I'm at for this semester so far.  I have an A in 4 out of six classes, just have to get the other two up and should have a really good GPA, hopefully helping us have the highest GPA among men's teams on campus again.  After class I was hoping to come home and see some of my housemates but unfortunately no one is around so I have the house to myself.  Just sitting in the living room watching World Series Game 2 and its going good so far since the Red Sox are losing.  Hopefully it stays that way the rest of the game.  Looking forward to one more day of practice then our Blue vs White Scrimmage on Saturday night.  It's been nice having all this time to practice but I think the boys are about to get ready to start getting into games and start hitting some new people.  Well I have an 8 AM class tomorrow, have to get some rest tonight.  Check back in tomorrow.
Cappy 21

Thursday, October 24, 2013

100 Days until Pink the Rink Game........

Re-designed jerseys for Pink The Rink go on sale

With under 100 days until 2014 Pink The Rink, a redesigned jersey for purchase has been unveiled.

Designed by Pop Tops Sportswear, the new jersey is a pink variation of the Blue Devils' regular blue jersey worn for road games.

The team will wear the jerseys when they play host Feb. 1  to Morrisville State at the Steele Hall Ice Arena. People wishing to honor and remember loved ones will be able to buy a jersey -- and have the jersey personalized -- which will be worn that night.

The cost of each jersey is $250.

An on-ice presentation of jerseys will take place at the conclusion of the game.

This will be the eighth year the team has held the Pink The Rink game. The Blue Devils have raised over $43,000 in jersey sales and donations since the inception of the event.

All proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society for breast cancer research.

"We feel it will be an inspirational evening," head coach Jeff Meredith said, "and are excited about joining in the fight against breast cancer."

To make arrangements to purchase a jersey, contact Coach Meredith at (716) 673-3334 or email to

Go to for a video of a recent Pink The Rink game.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Another cold and rainy day here in Fredonia....

Another cold and rainy day here in Fredonia, what else is new.  Spent most of my night in the library tonight with my good friend Cory Melkert as we prepared for our Managerial Finance quiz in the morning.  When I got to my car it was covered in either hail or snow which isn't a good sign that it's this cold already in October.  The rest of night is consisting of watching Game 1 of the World Series and hoping the Red Sox lose so I can chirp Matecki and Marty back in the room tomorrow.  Those two guys have been chirping about the Yankees not making the playoffs, so not really looking forward to hearing those guys if the Red Sox win the whole thing.  Well time to get some rest and get ready for another great day of classes and practice as we get one day closer to the opener down at Oswego on the 1st.
Cappy 21

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

missing the 'Voice' ...

After another long day of grinding through classes I find myself once again spending the night in the computer lab getting work done.  Just met with my Organizational Behavior group as we have a presentation on Terrorism in Business on Thursday night.  I'm pretty disappointed that we met so late tonight since I'm missing the Voice, after lasts nights great performances.  I'll have to catch up with Melky #2 and find out how tonight's show went since this has become his favorite show also.  On a good note it looks like I will be able to make it home to see Chicago Fire that starts at 10 tonight.  Pretty excited for this episode as the last few have been awesome and leave you on the edge of your seat. It might be battle for who gets the living room TV tonight between me and Doust #23 since Sons Of Anarchy is on tonight, but I'm pretty sure I'll win that fight any day.  Come back tomorrow to see what happens. 
Cappy 21

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Voice???????????????????

After a long day of grinding through classes and practice it was nice to sit down with the boys and enjoy some of the finest steak around at the Cranston Marche'.  After a nice meal the day isn't done.  Me and my good friend Jared Wynia #20 here, are just grinding away in the computer lab getting some school work done. 
Hoping it wont be too late of night working because there are a bunch of things on TV that we plan on watching.  The Monday night football game between the Giants and Vikings should be a real laugh as both teams are struggling and the Giants still looking for their first win.  The big show at the Forest household this year has been The Voice.  Its become a real hit and we can't wait to tune in every Monday and Tuesday night.  Jared also motioned the new show Blacklist that I might have to check out tonight, which has had some good reviews.  Well better get back to this school work so I get home in time to see the first singing performance.  Check back in tomorrow.
Cappy 21

Sunday, October 20, 2013

a relaxing Sunday doing laundry.....

Just another relaxing Sunday here at the Forest household, with a little bit of cleaning and laundry mixed in.  Sitting on the couch here with Brian Doust sporting a brand new APX2 stick.  Haven't seen him put it down since we got them.
It's been nice relaxing today after a long and hard first week of practice.  It was nice getting out there with the boys and the coaches for the first official practices. Everyone looked great out there and all of us are itching to get down to Oswego in about 2 weeks to get the season started.  Well the buzzer on my laundry just went off time to switch it over to the dryer.  I'll be running the blog all week with more pictures and stories to come.

Cappy 21

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Givin' some love to women's soccer on a beautiful afternoon.....

It's Friday here in Fredonia and the boys are taking it easy after a good weeks worth of skates. The skate this morning was fairly short but high tempo and then had a relaxing day after. Me, Castriota, Matecki, Perks, Eddy, and Christ went to watch the girls soccer game this afternoon and they won convincingly 3-0 which was nice to see!

A couple of us just got back from a nice Wing City dinner and are just watching some TV for the next little while. We got another early practice tomorrow to kick off the weekend so gonna be an early night for me. Take care all. Here is a pic of our view at the soccer game today.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Long day, on the couch, Sabes or Sox???????????????

Well it's been a long day here in Fredonia and I am being pretty useless sitting on the couch right now and don't plan on moving. Both skates were great today and the boys were flying which was fun to be a part of. We're up at it early tomorrow again which calls for a nice relaxing night watching the television. Me and Castriota are in our usual spots at our house watch Remember the Titans until the Sabres game comes on in a bit or the Red Sox playoff game, which ever is a better program to watch. Here is our setup at the moment. Goodnight all.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mobey awake and Cappy sleeping......

The school week is over here as the campus students are taking off for the long weekend and heading home. We had another good skate today and are on the ice for the next couple days here as well which will keep us busy! As for tonight it's gonna be a slow night of watching TV and some playoff baseball. I have the great pleasure of watching it with Castriota and I believe I got a picture of him already sleeping so he sure is great company. Until tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day One went well..........

First day of team practice is in the books and it was a solid first day for all the boys. Great tempo and overall an awesome atmosphere to be a part of. The legs are a little sore after but it's alright. As of right now I'm in the computer lab doing some last minute work for tomorrow and relaxing with some of the guys on the team like Doust and Palmy. Marty is across the lab with good ole Timmy Bracken going over what appears to be a group project which is nice to see Marty reading a book for once. Well until tomorrow have a good night everybody. 


Monday, October 14, 2013

Tomorrow is the first practice with the team and I'm.............

We'll Monday is in the books and I'm happy to say I'm laying in bed watching the Monday Night Football game while doing my best attempt to finish some homework for tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow is the first practice with the team and I'm looking forward to being out there and ready for this season to start up. The first game is coming up quicker than we think and I know it all starts tomorrow and all the boys realize it too, I were all thrilled to be able to start the season off strong. Here is a picture of Andy Christ and Matecki who I had the pleasure of having an amazing lunch with in the fabulous dining halls. Until tomorrow! 
- Wynia

Sunday, October 13, 2013

catching up on the CFL......

Hey everybody Jared Wynia here with my first blog post of the year. Just finished watching the Bills lose in overtime which is kind of a buzz kill but the Calgary Stampeders are in first place in the west, up north in the Canadian Football League so I don't have a real reason to be upset. Looking forward to starting the first practices of the year with all the boys and the coaches and I'll be sure to keep you all updated for the rest of this week. The weather was kind of lame today but luckily me, Doust, Melky, and Castriota were able to get a round of golf on yesterday which is the picture here on one of the beautiful Fredonia links tee boxes.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

"a relaxing Saturday"

After an early morning run on a-relaxing Saturday afternoon  the day has all been laid back and easy going after a hard week of studying and working out.  The day is being spent watching NHL hockey with Bergs, Palmy and a special guest, John O'Conner who came over to watch the Boston Bruins play the Columbus Blue Jackets.  It's a really intense game as the Bruins just tied the game 1-1 and I can tell its going to be a day full of great hockey.  I'm ready to sit back and enjoy.  That's all for today Fredonia, have a good one

Friday, October 11, 2013

"an absolutely harrowing week of studying"

After an absolutely harrowing week of studying thank God it's Friday. After all the hard work I put my brain and body through I think it's about time to relax.

That lasted all of five minutes when Canada and USA played each other in basketball the teams consisted of myself, Wynia and Bennett.  On the opposing team was Cappy, Matecki and Shepp.  Team USA took the first game pretty handily until the second game where team Canada finally got their feet under them and some pretty sweet shooting by Jared and some
 rebounding by Benny.

Unfortunately by the time we finished both games iWeb had to get ready for battle on the ice. This day is a day of duty before pleasure and now duty is going on the ice and going to war.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

"because were the best"

The theme of the week seems to be staying on the grind.  I woke up at around 7:30 today to study for an exam that's on Friday, kind of strange but I couldn't really fall back to sleep. I decided to slam my face into some textbook readings.

I had to basically break down Berger's door this morning just to get a ride to campus just in time for class to start, as we both have class at the same time. The best part of my day had to be when I was in class and the Professor posed the question of; "The American economy is doing better, but organizations like the European Union have criticized our choices thus far.  Why do think that is?"  It was silent until finally one kid in puts up his hand up and with a straight face said, "because were the best." I nearly fell out of my chair! After everything calmed down I turned to offer a pretty crisp salute to the Star Spangled banner that was hanging on the far wall. I know I'm Canadian but my hands were literally tied after the patriotic display that I was just witness to.

That being said Game 7 is today -winner takes all between dark and white.  It's been a war and I'm looking forward to taking off some of the stress from the day by running someone through the boards, and scoring some goals.  That's all for today Fredonia have a good one.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

ballin' with the boys.................

After a quick workout in the morning I finally wrote my Stats exam and after three grueling days of having to stay in the library till 1:00 in the morning.  It's finally over and I'm pretty relieved now that  I can move on to concentrating on something like dominating the hardwood today in a basketball game against Berger, Doust and Matecki.  I may have to carry my team as Berger is lacking in the skill department but I think I'm up to the challenge. That's all for today have a good one Fredonia

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

One week until 'go time'..............

After a hard days work with MacKenzie , Ortiz, Eddy and Palmy just working the guns and getting ready for October 15th.  It's only a week away and we're all really excited about getting down to business. Everyone is working hard and you can tell they will be ready for the start of the hockey season, I'm interested to see how our team will shape up once we start everything up for real. I think will be fine, we have a lot of talent and we're a pretty tough group.  It will all come to the forefront on October 15th.

Monday, October 7, 2013

those darn squirrels...............

John DeFeo (L) and Chad Bennett (R) chowing
down at Cranston
John 'Cully' Cullen in
the Library
Hey guys Declan here again for another installment of the Fredonia Hockey Blog. Everything this week seems to be going my way, I had a debate in my Western European Politics class and I won it pretty handily and received a 96% for my efforts.  I also recorded a 100% on my Politics essay. The changing of the season has become very apparent as its getting colder, its also very apparent that the squirrels that showed up en mass outside Steele Hall. As I was leaving the arena from my workout ,the little miscreants have been leaving their acorn shells all over  the side walks and I nearly broke my ankle walking to Cranston to meet up with some of the boys for dinner. Now the day is rounding down, so me and a couple of the boys are having a team studying session at the library.  Until tomorrow Fredonia, have a good one.

Declan Gunovski

Sunday, October 6, 2013

busy weekend for Gunner and the boys.......

Declan here.  Had a day of representing the team yesterday running around with Berger and Palmy, putting up posters to raise awareness for Pink the Rink. It was a pretty quiet affair. No crimes were committed while we were patrolling the area. Fortunately we were able to do our job without any problems occurring. That being said Leafs Nation moved to 3 and 0 after Saturdays game against the Sens. After a strenuous week, of being accosted by Melky and Wilky about how the Sens were going to dominate the Leafs. It was vindicating to see the Leafs come from behind in the third period and dominate. Seriously, it was kind of like watching a group of parents playing their kids, it was unbelievable. That being said, I am now back on the grind doing Statistics homework in the library.  I got a100% on my last test.  It's really tedious work and Stats isn't my favorite subject but it has to get done. It's kind of like that one job you always have on your to do list, but always do it at the end, out of sheer disregard for it.  That being said that's my entry for the day.... have a good one Fredonia.

"a few action shots of the guys

Made the best of a gloomy day today by swinging the clubs at the Thruway Range. Mitch and Melky joined me for a bucket before grabbing lunch. Had a few competitions getting ready for our 2 on 2 match tomorrow to end the golf season. Yours truly won the longest drive with a shot just under 300, and Mitch winning the series of closest to the pin winning 5 flags. Have to admit the golf skills are a bit rusty being busy with school and hockey, it's just one if those sports you got to keep practicing. All in all it was a fun way to make the best of the gloomy weather. Got a few action shots of the guys, might have to get into sports photography. Take a look..

Saturday, October 5, 2013

"just saying'

Today was for once a relaxing day. Had an early morning workout to get things together. After finishing a solid Friday morning I enjoyed a nice Cranston lunch with Cappy, Melky, Ortiz, Moles and Mobes. Mobes treated us to some Swedish language, although French is the second tongue to a few of the Ottawa boys, who beat the Sabres game 2, just saying, not a fan yet. Personally can't complain with the big win by the Flames. Although many guys are from Calgary, can't say many vote for the Flames to win in the NHL season, gotta say it was nice to see a Canadian team win. Enjoy the weekend everyone, stay tuned for tomorrow's last post by myself, and the topics to come!

Brian Doust 

Friday, October 4, 2013

"Tested out my culinary skills"

Put in another day at Fred today. Got up early for a good workout with a couple boys on the team.  Got our compliance meeting in, went smoothly and still eligible for another season with Blue Devils. Was able to get a good quick free skate in before ending my day on campus. Tested out my culinary skills with the chicken stir fry I put together in the wok pan I got as a gift over the summer. Some chicken, lo mein noodles and mixed veggies with teriyaki soy and hot sauce. As much as I like my chickens at Cranston, I can say it was my best meal in Fred so far.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

'got to sleep in this morning'

Well it's a good day today. Slept in for once, still mentally exhausted from the tough essay exam yesterday, but bounced back with a couple 100's in CSIT and accounting quizes/ homework. All the hydrating paid off as we finished up advanced conditioning with the North Adams circuit which lived up to its hype as a tough workout. The boys pushed through it, with a hard 30 minute grind. Jared and I took off to accounting class for a long night class. The boys got together again tonight for some NHL for the local Buffalo Sabres game. Gotta be honest, I quit the Sabres for a while. If they start winning for once I'll jump back on, but I think I'm going to head back to the Canadian teams and start being pro Leafs, Oilers, Sens. I wish the Sabres luck tonight and Wynia's best bud Tyler Myers, but I need to see some W's before I'm back on the squad.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dr. Telly keeping Doust busy

Had  stressful day dealing with Dr. Telly's Law class. Prepared for weeks on what my essay of St. Thomas says as his theory of natural law. Given and outline weeks before on what the essay was, I was greatly surprised that the question would read on the test, "you know the essay, now write it". No outline given on the test, it was a true test of my understanding of the question that was given in advance. My preparation got my through most of the essay maybe forgetting a few points but for the most part I was impressed with how I did. I feel for the other people who had there hands over their heads with disbelief they didn't have an outline anymore. As hard as the class is, it is a true test of my ability to receive information, understand it, and then regurgitate it in my own words. Hopefully I will continue to succeed in the class as we approach the fall break. Preparing for the last day of advanced conditioning tonight, with some hydration and relaxation with the boys. Spent the first part of my evening at the captains house with Matecki and Matty O watching the opening night of the NHL. Good to see the Black Hawks picking up where they left off with a solid W and the leafs starting to turn things around. Gotta say I'm looking forward to the next Leafs Sabres game, if I can some how come up with tickets!