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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thank you to our veterans

As we are in the Memorial Day weekend let's make sure that we take time out to remember our veterans.  Those who have served their country and given so much of themselves.  We will see alot of military shows on TV this weekend about those who have fought in wars, our WWII vets who are quickly leaving us, recent middle east conflict veterans and the Vietnam war, which was going on while I was a young boy growing up in Rochester, NY.

Growing up during the Vietnam war, the only two things I really remember about it was that it was on the TV news each night and that older kids in the neighborhood were getting their draft numbers called.  The veterans of that war are of retirement age now.  God bless the veterans.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Vancouver in seven games because they won't want to finish it in five!

I have to admit that I was pulling for Tampa Bay and their nasty 1-3-1 forecheck last night.  Went out to watch the game with some friends (BJ Adams, Assistant at Canisius and Greg Heffernan, Head Coach at Western New England and former Blue Devil assistant).  Talked hockey and picked their brains for a few new wrinkles to add to our game for next year.  Good stuff!

Jamestown Ironmen tryout camp was good.  Met the new coach and owner and both are first class men who will do a great job there.  Excited about the NAHL being in town.

On Wednesday, TJ and I are off to Mercyhurst to meet with their coaches and pick up some new ideas.  Also hoping to get down to Robert Morris later in the summer.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Miscellaneous thoughts going into the holiday weekend

Rainy today in Fredonia, heading over to Jamestown later to catch the start of the new Jamestown Ironmen tryout camp.  The Ironmen are in the NAHL which is one of the premier junior leagues in the country so it is great to have them right next door!  It is at this time of year the we begin organizing our recruiting for next year.  Getting contact information of younger guys we have seen this year along with entering it into our database so that once we get out into the rinks in September, we are organized.

This time of year we are also working on getting equipment ordered for next year and taking orders from our incoming freshmen as far as sticks go along with equipment and sizes so we can have it here when they arrive.

In addition, we are working on our travel itineraries, meal arrangements, game day skate times,  year-long practice schedule/weight lifting times among many other things to get ready for when the guys get back in late August.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

About the monkey........

Not sure where to start, or if I have the whole story right, but I will tell you what I know.  It was during final exam week when Jordan Oye came into the office to sit and talk and just hang out.  He had the monkey with him and asked me if we could keep him in the office over the summer.  I think the monkey has been handed down to the next player to sit in the stall that Jordan occupied.  I believe that will be Mat Hehr.

So anyways, TJ and I have had the monkey for the last few weeks.  He is well behaved, really needs no maintenance, and has been fun to be around.  He helps with work around the office and is a very good listener as he seems amused by my stories.  The only problem so far is that he likes to get on the computer at my desk and, well, let's just say that I have had to block him from some sites.  But other than that, he's been great.  My only concern is that he seems pretty bored.  Hopefully he doesn't get too bored over the long holiday weekend.
So, there you have it, the story of the monkey. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Right back where we started from"

It's a beautiful day in Fredonia and I knew it was going to be a great day when I got in the van this morning and the first song on the radio was "Right back where we started from" by Maxine Nightingale.  I've always loved that song from the movie 'Slapshot', but this year when the boys decided to make that their 'victory' song and play it in the dressing room after wins, it now is my all-time favorite.  Great to see some guys getting on the blog to take a peek.  Jordan Oye left the 'good luck monkey' in my office before he left.  More on the monkey later.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our graduating class of 2011

The boys are gone and things are pretty quiet in Fredonia

It was both a happy and sad week last week as the seniors graduated.  What a great group of guys!  Rizer, deBruyn, Oye, Morton, and Ridos.  Boy, will I miss those guys.  I'll miss just being around them and having fun, talking in the office, joking on the bus, and just being able to spend time with them.  They will always be a special group on both the campus and in our community, but will be a group that will be with me a long time.  All the best to them as they enter this next chapter of their lives.